He Went On To Work At Kaiser Aluminum At The Companys Trentw Broncos Jerseys

September 24 [Tue], 2013, 16:13
Delbert belton

A veteran who was wounded during the battle of okinawa in world war ii was beaten to death wednesday outside of the, seattle times reports.

Delbert belton, 88, died from kyle long bears jersey wholesale injuries sustained during the attack, which police believe was perpetrated by two african-American male suspects between 16 and 19 years old.

Police responded to the scene after receiving a call at 8:15 p.M.And found belton sitting in his car, suffering from severe injuries to his head. He died at the hospital on ThursdayMorning, according to the Times.

From kxly:

"Shorty,"As he was known by his friends at the eagles lodge,Served in the u.S. Army in the Pacific during WWII and broncos jerseys wasShot in the leg during the Battle of Okinawa.He went on to work at kaiser aluminum at the company's trentwood plant for more than 30 years.

Police have not yet given any motive, but they did of two possible suspects.