his cup 

2004年11月22日(月) 13時56分

This is the first cup for Ringo.I bought it about six years ago.It used to be the most favorite cup for him.
It has broken.This bottom was cracked,and leaked tea...
I should abandon it. ...I'm not sure,I'm kind of sad.But that is only me.Ringo is in age of Pokemon.
He loves Pokemon madly.Winny-the-Pooh doesn't touch him any longer.


2004年11月17日(水) 17時14分
I like to go the library in my town.It is rather small,but there are many books for children.I like there.
We,my sons and I,often go there,and rend some books.Ringo likes picture books.He loves 'Curious George','Guri and Gura' and so on. Although he had rent them already,he is rending them.He is sure to love them.
I rent 'the Load of the Rings'(in Japanese) again.I had rent it before,but I couldn't read it all.I will try to read all for once.

cute things 

2004年11月06日(土) 16時20分
I bought a pair of socks today.It is black with rose print.It is so cute!I'm pleased in this pink edge.Many cute things make me happy.

in the park 

2004年11月05日(金) 10時03分
My children and I went the little park near by our home,after Ringo came back home yesterday.We rode the slide and swinging vehicle.We bought some chocolate and drink and ate them sitting on the grass.The sky was high and blue.That was so beautiful.We had nice time.


2004年11月04日(木) 10時25分
Happiness is children's smile.I love them.
The elder he is 6-years-old,his name is Ringo.As you guess,it means an apple.Well,it is not only meaning it,but also meaning enlightenment and ethic.When you will see Kanji of his name,you might understand it. In fact,he is so sharp as his name,I think.
The younger he is 11-months-old.His name is Kaede.It means a maple.Leaves of maples turn lovely red.That is so nice and beautiful.I hope he will grow up finely.

I like reading. 

2004年11月03日(水) 23時16分
I like reading.I like picture books especially.There are many good picture books in foreign.I hope to read more good books in original!
I bought two picture books three days ago."Uncle Elephant" and "Father Bear Comes Home".I had read these books in Japanese.I think the elephant boy is so lovely and the father bear is so gentle.I love them.
I will buy more English books,and become good English reader.


2004年11月02日(火) 0時18分
My husband bought the DVD yesterday.He had seen it at the theater in Nara.He thought this movie was deep and interesting,so he want to watch it with me again.We watched it.It was deep,I thought,too.
What is the best precious thing in your life?
What is your identity?
What will you do,if you lost the best precious things?
I considered much things,but I couldn't find out right answer.It is so difficult.

**about me**
I live in Hyogo pref.I like cooling,baking cakes and cookies,to go a museum,to go a planetarium.
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