September 08 [Fri], 2006, 11:48
well, SHIT happened, fuuuuuuuuuuck

but we decided to work this out together.

something good will happen soon.

Mai-chan, I lost your URL... let me know!!


March 26 [Sun], 2006, 7:12
Oh well, about my job... it's not exciting or anything. Kinda shitty, I admit. I get like 9 bucks an hour, work there like 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. Yeah so I decided to start teaching again. This job is really REALLY easy, but I cant earn as much as before. I'm sure they are gonna give me 25 an hour at least (they BETTER, cuz I'm well experienced!!) and if I have like 2 hours a day, 4 days a week... that will be 600 a month. Yeah this is what I'm talking about!

yesterday I held a GUN for the first time... He came to see me during work, and he had a gun (yeah he's a cop) so he let me touch it! It was heavy... I don't wanna touch it again!! But he always tells me that I have to learn it when we move to the states, and he's gonna teach me how. grrr I dont need it... It's really scary!

Oh yeah let's write about Daniel Cleaver.
I haven't talked to him for like forever. He's probably busy with his new girl.
It's weird though, cuz I've been talking with his little bro for like a week now. He sounds like a nice guy. Well I don't wanna know about Daniel Cleaver and his girl (she's like 6 year older than him, and she speaks really really weird... really fucked up) sigh. well, nobody wants to know any relationships about their exs' right!? I'm normal, I hope...?


March 26 [Sun], 2006, 7:05
I went to Bay Bridge with him 2 days ago, cuz his friend's friend from the states (movie producer) came to shoot their cars there, but I don't like loudass cars so, um I didnt feel very comfortable being there, but well, Mark was talking with this producer guy about his life in Japan like this: "I didnt choose to live here, and I hate this place, but I'm so lucky cuz if I didnt come here, I wouldnt have met this great woman" yeah he's talking about ME!!
oh but before going there, his friends came over and one of them (forgot his name but I like him so much!!) was like "hi mrs. logan, it's been long time" and the other friend Phil was like "no she's a different girl" yeah he thought I was his EX! grrrr well at first I thought he was just joking, so I was gonna say "um, not yet!" but I found out he was talking about his ex-wife.
Since then she stayed in my head all the time, and yesterday I was all alone at his place (he was at work and Im not supposed to be walking around on base all by myself) AND I was talking with this guy MIKE, who is in the military in Japan too, and he told me about military housing and shit, and I got so nervous... so I asked Mark a stupid question.
"baby, I'm gonna ask you a stupid question. Are you really divorced?"
and well we talked for a while and I cried and freaked out for a while.
Well, he didn't have a nice 2-year-marriage with her anyway, I knew it though. I went like "I don't think I can never win. On top of that, she stole your firsts from me."
And he was like "babydoll, listen. You will experience lots of my firsts. OK lets name them together. you are gonna be my FIRST wife who has my kids. You are the first girl who makes me happy when I come home. blah blah"
he always calms me down.


March 26 [Sun], 2006, 6:54
yeah... I've been SO happy!!

1) I got a job
2) I get to see Mark Darcy almost everyday...
3) Do I need more?

well, I left Kyoto (yeah I drove a TRUCK all by myself, back and forth between Kyoto and Kanagawa... 3 times in 5 days!!!) on 12, and he did EVERYTHING (taking stuff in my place, taking care of the garbage and stuff) and I rested. I really really appreciated it!! Since I finally moved in (on 17), yeah almost everyday I've been with him! I'm even at his place now! and we are going to my place tonight together.

We had some arguments (we sometimes do only one of us gets lost...) but besides that, we are doing GREAT.

convo between Mark and his boss 

March 12 [Sun], 2006, 9:57
He tld me a convo between Mark and his boss yesterday.

Boss: So, you have a girl in the states?
Mark: No, in Japan.
Boss: Really, I thought you didn't like Japanese girls any more.
Mark: I know, but she's special. She's a teacher in Kyoto, she's smart and beautiful. You know what, she woke me up yesterday and today at 4:30 even though I didn't ask her to.
Boss: Cool, so you keep her.
Mark: Yeah I'll keep her.

Sweet eh

woke him up :) 

March 10 [Fri], 2006, 22:53
Last night I was watching a movie called "the experiment" (a german movie based on a real prison experiment happened in the states) and I got so scared and couldn't sleep. I thought "oh well, I have to stay up till I hear Mark Darcy's sweet voice again..." you know? and I called him at 4:30am (his alarm goes off), and he was like "Baby!? Thank you so much for calling! my alarm didn't go off... thank you! I'm So glad you called me..." haha well, I saved his life "by accident" :p

ahhhh I miss him so much... I'll see him in a few days though! I CAN'T WAIT!!

meant to 

March 10 [Fri], 2006, 4:03
I was talking with Mark Darcy tonight.
We were taking a boring survey thing (which military branch should be in? or something) together and it turned that I should be in the Army, and he should be in the Marines.

Well, he's a military police in the navy, so it's just like guys in the marines, he says, so he said like "ahhh I shoud've joined the marines!" so I went like this

"Well baby, if you've joined it, we couldn't meet"
but he continued...
"baby, we would've found each other, cuz we are meant to be together!"

yeah, he's such a sweet guy!!! I LOVE YOU DAVID

graduation party 

March 08 [Wed], 2006, 23:10
6th grade kids and some teachers went to have dinner (yakiniku) with me! We had so much fun, and kids gave me some presents like message card things and some handkerchieves.

I miss them so much, and I talked with some of their parents again after the party. They miss me too!

I'm SO happy I could teach them. I'm glad most of them passed the exam.
They are my first GREAT kids! I'll write letters to them


March 07 [Tue], 2006, 22:08
I went to eat sushi and ramen... I didn't wanna eat ramen but I had to sit somewhere and fill some paper
it wasn't very good hahaha the noodles were too soft for me
Just posting the pic!


March 07 [Tue], 2006, 22:05
I was a teacher for years, and I told my kids that I'd quit in a few days at the end of last month, and one girl, Manami, made some chocolate cake for me! It was GREAT! Yeah I gotta write to her...
I miss my kids SO MUCH!
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