March 14 [Sun], 2010, 0:34

My children and I went to climb a mountain together the other day. On our way back, we got soaked by rain, and almost lost our way.

went hiking
lost our way→got lost

The power of Music 

February 13 [Sat], 2010, 15:07
Driving along a coast while listening to a radio, we can visualize the scene of our past because of the familiar sounds of the songs. Such an encounter with unexpected songs has a mysterious power to bring back our past emotions. It has been a great wonder why we can recall what happened to us because of the power of music. Since this thought came to my mind, I have started to choose songs which are appropriate for my feelings. The selection of songs is so exciting that I can find many melodies and lyrics to be what I want to be. This fantastic aspect of music power is significant, so it should be considered when we listen to music. In order to show the significance clearly, I want to show an example of my memorial songs.
One of my memorial songs is composed by Chage and Aska. They are Japanese and often combine some factors of Japanese Enka with those of popular music. Due to the sounds of Enka, some of their songs are really melancholic and make me cry. One day, I heard one of their songs on a radio, which reminded me of my junior high school days. At that time, I liked a girl in the same classroom, but I was refused by her. After going back home, I tried to listen to music to relieve my sorrow with a song. And the song I listened to was Chage and Aska's song. When I heard the song again, tears came from my eyes unconsciously because the time I spent with her was wonderful, which epitomized my youth. I was grateful to listen to the song by accident.
Music can trigger our emotions. As my memorial song reminded me of the beautiful days, Music sometimes enables us to remember songs which we used to listen to and what we felt at that time. I am always fascinated with this power of music. This power of music gives me a reason why I cannot live without music.

Ideal and Reality in my teaching  

January 11 [Mon], 2010, 22:06
Teaching practice is compulsory for the students who want to be teachers in the future. Generally, students are required to go back to their old schools and teach for at least two weeks. I have taken educational classes in my university to be an English teacher, so I had a teaching practice in Kyoto where my juniorr high school is. In this report, my ideal for teaching English before going to the school and the reality in doing are described.
My ideal for teaching English was to teach the potential power of English. In my experience, English had a great influence on me to broaden my future possibilities. I wanted students to know thier future possibilities by learning English because some students could not find the reason of studying English. In order to acheive my ideal, I planned my classes to mainly focus on English conversations which help students to express their opinions in English. The reality of teaching English was quite different from my ideal. My teaching started from the third day of my teaching experience, but my mentor did not advise me what to do. I appreciated the freedom of teaching she gave me because of the chance to carry out my teaching plans. Even though having the chance, I had to teach students grammar and structure of English every day. This was because the students I taught were the 3rd year, so skills for passing an examination for high schools were necessary for them. Facing the situation, I had a struggle between my idean and this reality.
There was a very big gap between my ideal and the reality in my teaching practice. I could not acheive my ideal, but I will never give it up and will try to find my own solution.

The effectiveness of using slang 

January 02 [Sat], 2010, 18:04
 Slang is generally used by a particular group of people in informal conversations and in spoken language. Due to informality of the slang, many of the words can not be found in ordinary dictionary. Being in Australia, there were a lot of chances for me to see and hear Australian slang which always perplexed me very much. That was why I did not like the people who spoke to me with slang. It is, however, that there may be affirmative ways for using slang. For this reason, I would like to contrast the both affirmative and negative opinions about the use of slang, and reach a conclusion.

First, the supporting idea for using slang is its symbolic aspect of showing an identity. As the definition of slang shows, slang is an informal and spoken words used by a specific group. For example, some black American people have their own slang and working class people in London also have their own. If someone speaks slang, he or she is categorized in a particular group where the slang is used. This signification of slang for confirming identity is the affirmative way of using slang.

Next, the negative opinion for using slang is described. The most difficult thing in the use of slang is its intelligibility. This intelligibility may come from the limited use of slang in groups, which means that words of slang are not pervasive, so a different group of people do not have occasions to know other group’s slang. The intelligibility between groups leads to an inefficient human communication. Because of this difficulty in communication, it can be concluded that using slang has negative aspect for the use.
The use of slang have both advantages and disadvantages. In terms of showing identity, slang can unite people and organize a particular group where people us the same slang. However, slang sometimes causes misunderstanding between different groups of people with different use of slang because of its intelligibility. Therefore, it is necessary for us to know these two aspects of slang before using it.


January 02 [Sat], 2010, 17:48



 最後に、東ティモールの工業化の可能性の結論を述べたい。今まで産業構造などから工業かの可能性を検証してきたが、実際その可能性は低いという結論になった。なぜなら、工業化に必要なインフラ整備が整っていない現状や、工業化のメリットが低いという問題が挙げれる。それゆえ、まず東ティモールがこの先に行わなければいけないことは、経済の基盤を作ることであろう。そのためには、第一次産業を充実させていく必要があると考える。特に農業と天然資源の2分野である。現在の外貨獲得手段は主にコーヒーの輸出だけである。そのために、換金作物としては、ココナッツ、ココア、カシューナッツ、バニラが考えられるが、その中でも外貨獲得の可能性が高いのが、コーヒーである。現在、コーヒーの 世界価格は低いものの、ティモールのコーヒーが有機農産物として国際的な認定を受けられれば、それによる外貨の獲得・収入が期待できるとされている。また、コーヒー以外の換金作物の創出を行い、それ輸出を積極的にしていかなければならない。また農業推進の理由としては、今後も労働力人口の4分の3が農業就業者と予想されるからである。


October 04 [Sun], 2009, 23:55

There is an elementary school in Cicago in USA where Japanese is taught. The japanese education started to make students have an interest in studying. When i visited there, the students welcomed me in Japanese which was not perfect.

There is an elementary shcool in Chicago, in the U.S., where they teach Japanese. The teachers say they began to teach it so that students would get interested in studying. When i went there, the students talked to me in there broken Japanese.

World English 

August 03 [Mon], 2009, 1:20
In this world, there is an uncountable number of languages. Among those languages, English can be regarded as a universal language now in terms of its broaden use in many countries. However, regarding English as only ‘Standard English’ is no more acceptable because the number of non-native English speakers is increasing, which makes varieties of English. Therefore, it is completely impossible to restrict the definition of English as ‘Standard English’. That is why there is necessity to regard English as a Global Language which implicates the variation of English. In order to prove the importance of this recognition, history of English and problems of it are described.
Historically, there were two main factors which spread English to all over the world. One of the factors was British colonial power in 19th century. Nearly a third of countries in the world was conquered by Brighten and forced to implement English education this century. The typical examples of these conquered countries were Singapore and India where English is now spoken as an official language. Due to this enforcement of English education, English has become an official or a chief second language in many countries, which has created the large number of English speakers.
The other factor was American economic power in 20th century. In this century,the center of industry moved from Brighten to America. In order to make a fair business with USA, it was necessary for other countries to understand English. Therefore, a lot of countries where English was not spoken realized the importance of English as a tool for a business communication. That was why the number of these countries which started to implement English education universally increased. However, these two colonial and economic factors of English expansion created a big problem.
The problem caused by the expansion of English is the possibility of losing identity for non-native English speakers. Now, English is the most influential language in terms of culture, politics, and economy. Therefore, it is compulsory to make and keep a position in this world by using English. This point is relating to a language imperialism. The dominance of English is quite vast in this present society. Therefore, there can be unfair problems if people do not know English. For example, majority of the latest information is published in English, so it is necessary to obtain information to follow the direction which this world is going to. However, this use of English in any universal fields leads to depriving chances of showing opinions in their native languages which prove their national identity. To solve this problem, people who attend international conferences try to speak English with accents of their native languages. In terms of ‘Standard English’, it may sound strange for native English speakers from USA or Australia, but it is getting more and more difficult to define ‘Standard English’ because the number of non-native English speakers exceeds that number of native speakers. This point shows that it is important to accept all kinds of English as English for saving identity.
It is obvious that there is the dominance of English in respects of economic and political fields from the historical view points, but the varieties of English should be more accepted for protecting identities for non-native English speakers.


August 03 [Mon], 2009, 1:18


August 03 [Mon], 2009, 1:15

The collaboration with AET in teaching English 

July 20 [Mon], 2009, 13:31
In Japan, native English speakers are invited by the government to teach English in a junior school and a high school as a AET(Assistant English Teacher). However, the collaboration between Japanese English teacher and ALT sometimes causes problems in Japanese English education. The causes of these problems are led by a way of distribution of tasks for teachers and the contradicted purpose of English education in Japan.
One of the reasons can be how to distribute tasks for both Japanese English teachers and AETs. Generally, Japanese English teachers tend to teach English grammar, and AETs are required to teach oral skills. When a Japanese teacher teaches students English grammar, an AET may have nothing to do because some knowledge of Japanese language is necessary to teach English grammar. A friend of mine is a AET in a Japanese junior high school now, and she told me that there were difficulties to decide what to teach and not to teach as a AET.
The other reason is related to the contradicted purpose of English education in Japan. The tendency of Japanese English education is to emphasize more oral communication than reading or grammar. On the contrast, Japanese entrance examinations for a junior high school and a high school still require students to study mainly translations from English to Japanese and corrections of grammatical errors. Therefore, it is difficult for teachers to make enough time for reaching the purpose of the English education because of the contradiction.
 In conclusion, the collaboration between Japanese English teachers and AETs needs to be improved because of the present problems in teaching English. The distribution of tasks for the both teachers and the contradicted purpose of English education are main causes of the problems. In order to solve the problems, it is important for Japanese English teachers to find out how to collaborate with AET in teaching English.
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