Report Card - First Movement 

2006年01月13日(金) 6時41分
I finally received my report card ... after weeks of freaking out.
My grades are as followed:

English: A
Graphic Design: A
Freshman Seminar: A
Art: A
Computer Sciences: A

I'm surprised I actually got an A in Computer Sciences... I got an 88 on my OS test. I must have done really well on my final, I guess. Which was basically programming in C++. Now I have to get all A's next marking period. Haha. Yeah right. Math =/= A's. At all.

Christmas Eve 2005 Part II 

2005年12月31日(土) 14時46分

Perogies always taste better on Christmas. Tommy taught us a new game at dinner, it was basically "take turns flicking the soda tab until it flies off." It was great. When we flicked off a tab, we put it on our pyramid of soda cans, which was beautiful.

We went back downstairs to play with presents and such, and got the idea to make another movie... but this time the movie would be dedicated to making fun of our parents.
"Dan's gonna be Aunt Shelley!"
The one about Aunt Shelley and the time shares was the best.
We were a little nervous to show our parents, but they all cracked up, except for Uncle Tommy. Oh well.
((Tommy walks into the room))
Oh geez! I thought you were Mr. Vitali!
Tommy: ((kicking/punching air)) "BAAM BAAM BAMM BAMM!!"
"Mr. Vitali is EMERAL?!"

Picture Time is always the worst, and yet... it's hilarious. Before we went upstairs to get our pictures taken I had Tommy, Dano, and myself put cucumber melon stuff on our hands, because my Aunt Shelley hates it.
"Ohhh.. who put that stuff on??"

We stuffed our face with chocolate and then made our way to the TV room where we watched "America's Funniest Home Videos." You could hear "OOO"'s "OHHHH!"'s and "OHHHHOHOO"'s coming from the room whenever someone fell or got slammed in the face. Ali was supposed to sell candy for her "March of the Penguins" club, but she didn't want to, so I did! I got her 25 dollars. That's how awesome I am. We were waiting for "I'll be Home for Christmas" with Jonathan Taylor Thomas to be on after "AFHV" but it was 9:00, so the adults decided it was time to go home. The only bad thing about it being Christmas is that you have to wait an entire year for it to happen again.

Christmas Eve 2005 Part I 

2005年12月31日(土) 14時00分

We arrived at Bashi's house only a few minutes before the trio arrived. We planted ourselves in the living room in front of the shrimp and chips. We saw candy, which I thought was alcoholic (there was a picture of a martini and cough syrup on two). Tommy stole Bashi's blue fuzzy socks and wore them for the remainder of the night. We went downstairs - Uncle Tommy came down and started doing "the ipod shuffle" which was basically him flailing about, we nearly died of laughter.

When Ali and Dano arrive it was time for us to go to church. We all sat together and when the priest said hello to everyone Tommy responded with "Yo, 'sup?" Dano started bleeding a few minutes into mass, right before we started singing the new and improved 12 days of Christmas.
"All Grace and Blessings!"
"And one very very [spanish] nigght"

The Polish priest dressed up as Santa and carried baby Jesus to the manger. I was convinced that it was Mrs. Skirka, where Ali thought it was Mr. Peerson. The trumpet kid was back again this year, and he didn't have to use the mute. Awesome. Dano was going to say peace to Bashi, but instead of saying "peace be with you" he said "bye," so we all double over laughing.
((Matty looking around))
"Daad, Matty's making trouble!"
((Matty quickly turns around and prays on pew - Uncle Tommy looks at Tommy weird - We all crack up for 12 minutes))
After mass, Santa saw all of us and gave us mangers! Everyone except Ali, that is... but Matty gave her his manger.

When we got home we toar apart our presents, and missed Santa on the fire truck in the process.
We found our way to the dinner table where we drank some soda and Bashi gave us opłatek. We said grace really loud, so we got dinner before the adults. HAH.

to be continued...

Christmas Gift Inventory 

2005年12月29日(木) 9時34分

- Kronk's New Groove
- Ghostbusters 1
- Ghostbusters 2

- Inspector Gadget Saves Christmas

- Manhiem Steemroller
- Harry Potter (Sorcerer's Stone) Soundtrack
- Harry Potter (Chamber of Secrets) Soundtrack
- Muppet's Christmas Carol Soundtrack

- Yellow Submarine Hoodie
- Harry Potter Jacket
- A Sweater with Toggles... TOGGLES!
- Island of Misfit Toys Shirt
- Blue Sweater
- Harry Potter Shirt
- Pink Sweater
- Babar Shirt
- Pink Blouse

- Harry Potter Legos
- Hello Kitty Piano Music Box
- Ivnader Zim Playset
- Plushie Marshmallow Peeps (Snowman and Gingerbread man)
- Marshmallow Peeps Pens
- Keroppi Plushie
- Little Twin Stars Plushie
- Harry Potter Scene it
- Marvin the Matian Keychain
- Marching Band Music Box
- Magnetix
- Trading Cards

- Bracelet with 16th notes

Video Games:
- Gamecube System
- Super Smash Bros. Melee
- Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles
- Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

- Hey Dude Button
- Double Dare Button
- I Band Button
- Disney Princess Blanket
- French Horn Eraser
- Harry Potter Pen

and more?

A Very Graphic Design Christmas 

2005年12月29日(木) 9時08分

On the weekend before Christmas Eve I had a party for my buddies in my old Graphic Design class. Shannon, Brandon, and Paul came and we sat around for awhile talking about just about everything while we waited for our pizza. After we scarffed down pizza and crazy bread I gave Shannon her Christmas present, it was a pair Gir slippers. She seemed to love them, but I have a feeling that she liked the gift bag more.
"I'm going to sit in it!" "I'm going to keep this bag forever!"
My mom brought down some warm cookies and Shannon stuffed her face with Cheetos.
Brandon: Why did your mom put pills on the cookies?
Me: Those are Santa sprinkles!
For awhile Brandon was playing Resident Evil, and we all laughed at the Spanish man who was locked in the closet. Ah, the circle of life.
Paul: I'm sorry, I must have brought my wrong ears with me.
Shannon: Paul, you sound like you're about 80...
We ended the night by playing a few rounds of Super Smash Bros. Melee. w00t! Paul was really bad , so I never came in last place. The last round came down to me, as Peach, and Brandon, as Link. Needless to say... Brandon beat me.
Shannon and Paul had to leave, so I gave them their goodybags and Brandon and I laughed at Paul getting stuck in my driveway. Since Brandon had to wait for his dad to pick him up I gave him all of the leftovers from the party (a bag of chips, 6 slices of pizza, lollipops, cheezits, and cheetos)

The Harry Potter Sleep Over 

2005年12月06日(火) 8時49分
So as usual, Ali and Dano slept over the night of Thanksgiving. We first watched some movies while Steph and Dano through all of my stuffed animals around. We then decided to go outside to look for a sled in the shed, but it was dark out, so Dano had to use his cell phone as a flashlight. Ali was freaking out because she could see the stars "at home we can see like.. 2 if we're lucky."

We watched the A-Team episode of Family Guy and the Thanksgiving episode of South Park... which was ironic because we watched the same exact episode last year.

Dano was freaking me out by screaming "T.S." every three seconds and pretending that her arm was coming out of the couch to get me. too scary to even reflect on.

In the middle of the night, when we were all sleeping, I felt my pillow being dragged away from me, Dano was sleep-stealing. Lucky Steph was sleeping on the couch and Ali passed out 12 minutes into Family Guy and woke up three hours later asking if she slept through it or not.

In the morning we had Mickey Waffles and Egg Nogg. Then we left to see Harry Potter. Every time we mentioned it in the car we squealed because we were so excited.

Harry Potter was awesome. Totally worth waiting a week for. Apparently Tim Allen played a pretty large role in the movie, did you catch him? (believe it or not, that's sort of a hint)

Afterwards we went to Fairfield, which was neat, but they closed the Ice Caverns, so I was rather upset. However, Fountains of Wayne did not let me down. Gotta love the pizzeria scene... but I was not enthused about Santa on Survivor.

We picked up some pizza at Mario's and ate like 70 pieces each. Then we went home.


2005年12月06日(火) 7時15分
a thanksgiving toast!
A Thanksgiving toast at the kiddie table.

It isn't a party until the Lawrences fight, so they hit each other with baseball bats. Matty almost cried, but I threw this Snoopy boat at Tommy and told him that it soothed Matty. Haha.
We soon went upstairs where we "ate turkey", but mainly drank sparkling cider and made Tommy eat something gross. This time is was made up of: mashed potatoes, a blue pixi stick, a pink pixi stick, corn, a cheez-it dipped in butter, some sprite, turkey, and some corn bread sprinkled on top.


We went downstairs and made our talk show called Arnold. Arnold (played by Tommy) interviewed each of us. Ali was Michael Jackson, she brought a plush Charlie Brown with her and called him Blanket. "What... what went wrong there?" "I wanted to show them blanket!" Dano was up next, who put sparkling cider in a paper bag and pretended to be a drunk "[interesting] like your face... can I touch it??" Matty and Joey killed the movie, Matty was originally an old man, but then he became Jeff Foxworthy? Wtb. Joey was a boy who was obsessed with lava lamps - so sad. I was Ernest, but I can't do a hick accent so I had to improvise with a British accent. Then Steph (the audience/camera man) asked us questions "Michael - Why do birds suddenly appear every time you are near?" "Just like me, they long to be, with little children.." To make the last seconds awesome we had a dance party in our ridiculous costumes. Basically, the film was a riot and when we showed our parents they nearly fell out of their seats.

Then we ate dessert and played Spooky in the Dark. That's when Thanksgiving came to a close... or so it would seem.

Dano's Birthday Party (short version) 

2005年11月13日(日) 8時58分
We went to Ali and Dano's house and needless to say.. it was crazy.

We wanted our aunt to feel bad about not sending us a Halloween card , so we made a big deal about the fact that we dressed up. Dano was a hockey mask wearing princess , Ali was a fairy princess, I was Sailor Jupiter , and Steph was Sailor Venus. We were all super cool about it, but I don't think our aunt got the hint. Oh well.

We sat on the sofa in the entertainment room while Matty played with the Kareoke machine and we watched Dano spray paint random things in the new Tony Hawk game with Joey.

We watched "We're Back!" and realized that the kid wishing for T-Rex was on a potty, and the fat tubby kid wishing for.. nothing.. picks up his shirt. We were disturbed, so we had to show Dano when he came in the room. hahaha.

We went outside and sang while swinging on the swing set... Tommy, Matty, Joey, and Dano played that game with the trampoline.. the one where they yell "MYSTERY BOX!" You know the one. Shortly after we went into the front yard to take a picture of ourselves on the city trash can and from inside the mail box. "Okay, now Steph and Ali" (Matty runs over) "Are you Steph?!"

We made Tommy eat something gross that I made again. Haha. Basically, it was a pickle that he bit into and put on my plate, BBQ sauce from Joey's plate, cheese and sauce from Ali's plate, Ketchup, and some of Matty's Pepsi.. he seemed all tough about it at first, but then he started to freak out. We almost peed in our pants laughing at him. After he regained composure he asked me for a dollar -- which I didn't have.

"What's up Shane? NO WAY, you're at the lock in? Are they making you sing?"

Sandy and the emergency room 

2005年11月12日(土) 11時23分
Well, to begin, I went to Bashi's house today and went shopping for Christmas things.
They're pretty coool.
Steph and I made up a new handshake and ran around like freaks until we had to leave.

When we were getting in the car to leave I grabbed the metal between the two doors so I could gain some leverage with all of my stuff. I guess my mom didn't realize this and she closed her door.
Right on my hand. The door shut completely and half of my hand was on the inside of the car and half was outside. Ew... The first thing that ran through my mind was "OMG, my hand! Can I still play my horn?! YES, it's my right hand. AH, but I can't draw or write!! " I figured my fingers were severed from my hand at this point. My mom finally realized why I was screaming and opened the door. We went back inside Bashi's house and loaded a plastic baggy with ice to put my hand in. We were an hour+ away from the hospital so I had to sit there with my hand in the bag sobbing and getting frost bite. We finally arrived and we went to the emergency room. They gave me a new ice pack and I had to sit in this curtained room until someone came to help me. A doctor showed up ((Doogy Houserish)) and made me bend my fingers and he like.. smushed my bones and stuff. It turns out I had NO broken bones ((which is SO weird )) Two of my fingers are pretty swollen and one of them is sort of cut-up. I almost had to get a tetnis shot. x__X;; Luckily the doctor didn't see the need for an X-ray, so I got to go home with an icey pack. I'm sooo happy I didn't break my hand, but it won't be normal for a while.

Tomorrow is Dano's party, so I had to make pasta salad, those chocolate halloween spiders, and now I have to finish making my costume, all with an icey pack wrapped around my hand. yay. But I can't wait until tomorrow. haha.

is mayonnaise an instrument?... 

2005年11月11日(金) 4時49分
Today I scheduled for the second semester... my schedule is as follows:

English Comp II
Graphic Design
Web Design
Music Theory
and another GD class.

Yayy. I'm pretty happy with my schedule, but one class sort of runs into my work schedule by 5 minutes. So I have to work something out.

As if it wasn't bad enough, my degree is designed to have me working after I graduate - meaning, it won't transfer to another college. I have to see what I can do about this.

Tonight some people are coming to survey the house, so my room should be clean. Yeah right.

Oh well. It's lunch time.
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