2005年12月21日(水) 4時06分
new blog:


2005年12月15日(木) 3時51分
051212 natsumi 4hr
051213 wanda .5hr
feel so good
didnt talk like this for a long long time
i want to talk cantoese
if i dont talk to them
i thought i am dumb

20051214 10:57 mshs library


2005年12月13日(火) 3時51分
jim's company hold a chrismas party at our house
i help serving
very tired

after church
have a ginerbread man decorate party at keesha house
exchange x'mas gift
i got a sparkling cider and "The Period Book"
is awesome
help keesha pack the stuff
today she go to india
she bring a lot of medicinal.......

051212 11:08@mshs library


2005年12月08日(木) 8時30分


2005年12月07日(水) 2時02分
after the dinner
i back to my room
then i heard some music
i go downstair
becky is playing the piano
although not very good
she play all the christmas song
is amazing


2005年12月05日(月) 8時50分
051126:start decorate our house
051127:go to a christmas tree farm
choose + cut the christmas tree by ourselves
our christmas tree is over 13 feets tall
051128:becky give me a little christmas tree
as tall as the computer
she give me some light + decoration
051129:decorate christmas tree
becky have so many stuff
the christmas tree is full of decoration
very pretty
but it will horrible to take them off

now my house is already very chrismas feel+snow
christmas is coming.yeah


2005年12月05日(月) 8時43分
shopping 3 hrs w/ becky+debby
it is so good to shop without jane

17:00-22:30(30min for dinner)
make chrismas cookie
we make 4 diffient kinds
(80% by mona , jane decorate most , becky bake)
have gingerbread man + norway traditional cookie
jim grandparent is from norway

taste good
is very tired


2005年12月05日(月) 8時25分
no sch
becoz of snowing

it already have thick snow
becky+jane+mona play snowboogie+make snowman
it is very fun to play snowboogie
but it is not very fast

phone dora
hope u success

watch movie
called "baraka"
at first it doesnt have subtitle
i am afraid i cant understand
after the end
i know why it doesnt have subtitle
becoz the whole movie didnt have one dialogue
it is a great movie
i love it
it have many beautiful shot
i saw hk 70's
but i dont think the people i know will interest it


2005年12月05日(月) 8時06分
is snowing when my pe class start
is my 1st time see snowing
so i go out with my tee+thin pans
but it not cold

back home
but the sch-bus cant drive me home
it cant up hill
it drop me in one place and becky pick me

my home already have some accumulated snow
is beautiful
jane+mona make a little snowman

i cant type 

2005年12月05日(月) 7時43分
my keyboard is broken
so i cant type
i duno how long i will get a new one

i am using becky's computer
i will try to spent more time using the computer at sch
(if i can go to sch)

i am so sorry the people "hi" me in msn
i really want to chat w/ u guys
now i just like Ariel(the little mermaid) cant talk w/ Eric

i am good
everything is good

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