It's My Favorite Month ! 

2005年11月01日(火) 0時26分
Finally... My favorite month has come !   Why do I like this month ? Because... November is special one for me. I mean I was born in this month almost 24 years ago. 24 years..... It has pasted soooo quickly.
Now, I am not happy that I am getting old but birth month and birth day are happiness of mine. I just feel somthing special.
May nice things happen to me !

Sex And The City 

2005年09月30日(金) 10時02分
This is one of my favorite drama, Sex And The City. I don't know how I knew it... maybe, I have watched the season 1 by chance when I was a university student. My history of SATC started from that time. I watch it on TV so it means there are many stories which I missed.  Hopefully I don't want to miss any story but the time when this program starts is quite late in here. Should I see all seasons by borrow DVD ? I would do so someday.  hey, tell me which season broadcasts now ?
One day, I was watching it as I chatted with Ville. He also knows this drama. I laughed hard suddenly so he asked, How's going on it ?
The scene was Samantha did something... Can I explain the scene to him ? No way.....

Bridget Jones's Diary 

2005年09月28日(水) 0時00分
I really do love this book ! Movie is also very good.  Sometimes movie makes me disappoint because the story changed a little bit from original one. I have had some ideas in my head already before I watch it. But it didn't work. I mean the movie's story was also good and the characters were so nice. It does not happen so much, does it ?
I have read The Edge Of Reason and I liked it but I don't see it yet. I want to the DVD. I have many dvds which I want to get. I will collect it little by little from now on.
I like Coiln Firth.  ...even though he wears such a stupid sweater.

My specialty 

2005年09月12日(月) 14時16分
For 4 years, I have studied about Early Child Education at university. I got certificate as a kindergarden's teacher and pre-school's teacher when I graduated from there. My professional is child care.
However, I almost don't have any years as a teacher. I just have some experience as an assistant teacher in US. But I can say, it must be really great career for me. Everyday was fresh days for me. I just played with kids like mad. They are sooo cute.  One woman who is my class of child's mom talked to me one day. ' oh yes ! You are Ms. Hirowo, aren't you ? My kid always talks about you at our home. ' I was very happy to hear that.
I am very proud that I could take care of them. From 0 to 6 years old children needs a lot of help you know. This job is really wonderful I think.
Ville says, You will must be nice mother.   Sure !

Linkin Park 

2005年09月11日(日) 10時49分
When I have listened their music 1 or 2 years before, it didn't give me any impression. It was not sound which I like. But somehow... I started to listen it again recently and I liked it at last. umm... weird.  Maybe the main vocalist Chester's voice makes me crazy I guess.
The sound is never silence. Loud, Noisy, Shouting... yeah it's rock. If you liked these sounds, just should try to listen it Linkin Park. I am sure you will also know how cool sound they have.  I usually listen it in a car. It makes cheer me up and gives me some power to get over work. But singing it is difficult though...


2005年09月10日(土) 9時59分
It's my very favorite movie.  I don't know how many times I watched it. I have the video but I want to get a DVD. It has special edition. Don't you think this Ewan McGregor is cool ?  I love his butch haircut.
The story is a litte heavy and crazy. Young teenage kids should not see it I think.  Addicted to Heroin, Unemployment, Sex, Aids, Friend... it has various elements. The change in tempo is quickly, that's why it made me fascinate in it. Five young guys are very crazy but they have their own life with just fun. Absolutely they are enjoyed them youth. It's important thing, isn't it ?

mon chouchou 

2005年09月09日(金) 0時00分
Today is my boyfriend Ville's 24's birthday.  At just this time, I decided put this blog in different place.( i have put this one on my another site before) So, I will introduce about myself again just in this new mind.

This blog's title mon chouchou mean is 'about my favorite' in French. I liked this mean so I named. I am Hirowo 23 years old who lives in Hyogo. I work at Starbucks. I like laughing and having fun. I do as my pleases get my way. I guess... it makes bother with my family. I am sorry mom. 

Ville is my boyfriend who lives in Finland. We met up in US almost 2 years ago. I am here in Japan and he is in Finland, its quite looong distance. Keeping this relationship is really not easy but we don't want to lose each other.
I have been to his country in this summer. It was so great trip ! I am planning for visiting there again in this winter.
Time has past so quickly since we met up. I can't believe it. I want to think about our future well and the time has come already, but actually I don't know where will we go.

I have another own site and mixi. Writing English is not easy for me but I will try to do so as can as possible. 

: it's me when i did not be 1 years old yet. just crawling with big smile.

The Ordinary Boys 

2005年07月10日(日) 23時50分
Recently, I bought their new CD. It's quite nice !  New one has more their talent than first CD. yes, that's just The Ordinary Boys sound.
This band is from UK. Somehow, when I thought  oh yeah... this song is nice.  almost the band is from UK. I don't know why but my ears go out these sounds. The sound has good quality like elegance ?  No way...
I like watching ' Boys Will Be Boys ' music video. Their all of music video is nice. The vocal Preston is same old with me but another members are younger than me...
They will come this Summer Sonic 2005. I won't go but wanted to go.

Def Tech 

2005年04月09日(土) 23時32分
Always their song came in my ears when I went to HMV. Their sound is easy to listen. It's comfortable. Almost people will be like their sound I guess. ( i'm not sure though... )  Anyways, I do love their sounds and rhythm and voice. I feel strange the Japanese and English mix song. But Def Tech song is okay, because as you know one of the guy Shen is native speaker.
I am very looking forward to their next album.


2005年03月07日(月) 10時04分
I like this magazine BRUTUS. I guess... its like a hobby magazine for man but its interesting.  I am not interested in fashion magazine. I think to buy it is just waste of a money. Instead, sometimes I buy these hobby magazine or interior one. It makes me attract more than fashion.
Unfortunately, I missed to buy this BRUTUS which I wanted to get.  The content is Coffee. It must be very interesting.
Tell the truth, I don't drink coffee at home. I drink it at work place but... I don't like coffee so much. Making it is so fun that's why I work at there. I got a qualification as a store coffee master so of course I know about Starbucks Coffee Bean very well but I don't like drinking it. Is it strange ?
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