May 10 [Sun], 2009, 3:00
Ahora practicando procesos. Me mata el cerebro, porque aveces no se que entrada ponerle buej.

Ratos de ocio en facebook

buej no se que mas contar, debo seguir estudiando



May 02 [Sat], 2009, 1:09
Hola buen dia :D
Ayer tuve una prueba de fisca, pense que me habia ido bien, pero cuando compare respuestas con algunas amigas me deprimi. asi que solo esperar los resultados.
la proxima semana tengo prueba de fundamentos de programacion y calculo 2. tengo que estudiar mucho. se acercan los parciales. ojala pueda sobrevivir.

hoy dia ire a comer a la casa de mi tia, ella nos invito ^^.

hoy es dia del trabajador. feliz dia del trabajador.
hoy supuestamente tenia clases de Ingenieria de Procesos, pero es feriado por el dia del trabajador. Porfin puedo tomarme un descanaso y escribir algo por aqui ^^'.

Estoy triste porque mi mp3 comienza a fallar, es que hubo un dia que se me cayo como 3 veces, quiza esa es la causa ¬¬. Osea repoduce bien las canciones, pero la pantalla se ve atroz, puedo asegurar que no puede reproducir ni un video XD.

bueno que mas decir, extranio mi cabello morado, osea lo poco que tenia de el.

Tengo aun mucho tinte que desperdiciar, asi que weno debo hacerme algo loco urgente, porque mi pelo ha kedado amarillo ¬¬


April 21 [Tue], 2009, 10:31
Me voy a comer tallarines a lo alfredo. yay! yum!


April 14 [Tue], 2009, 13:00
Wow tanto tiempo.
WEno ahora quiero escribir en castellano, me aburrio el ingles.
Lo malo que no se puede usar acentos, pero buejjj.
hum pronto pondre fotos de mi universidad y de los nuevos cursos que estoy viendo.

Lazy day

March 03 [Tue], 2009, 0:21
Today is day when you only want to be on pajamas, drink breakfast and maybe listen music or watch a movie.
Yesterday I worked 10 hours , I hope to win a lot of money to pay debts .
I want to watch Benny & Joon is a nice movie :D.
see you
bye bye

a very nice picture at Denver

Another day in tabernash

February 23 [Mon], 2009, 15:27
Today was my day-off
I spent time in my laptop talking with my family. They are so fuckin' funny. They make me laugh a lot. I want to go back to my country very soon to spend time with them. Also I want to study and to meet new people, that's kind weird of my part, because most of the I don't want to meet new people or I don't feel like that. But this year I feel like this.
Also I want to see my best friend, we have many things to do. We want to cook breakfast and obento stuff. Also we want to go to karaoke. I'm glad she lives very near to my house, but now we are very far, because I'm working here in US.
I get obsessed with this

Later I went with a friend to walk there, because It was our day-off. We took really nice pictures and we drank starbucks.

And now I'm in home watching densha otoko is so fuckin funny XD.

I still missing the fuckin' hawaiin

++++the end++++


February 22 [Sun], 2009, 18:15
I'm missing him, but he never will miss me.
I dunno why to care about a person who doesn't loves you
I dunno


February 21 [Sat], 2009, 12:42
I really love the last album memento mori of BUCK-TICK
I hope someday to go to a concert of them, it's one of my dreams.
Also to go to these underground visual kei concerts at nagoya, shibuya, shijuku, whatever. I wish I could be in a Saga's Concert, but they stop their activities or something like this I read before

Finally I could find something of boogieman, the new band of Yuana yay! He still rocks. The vocalist's voice reminds me to Ryuuji's voice from Zoro.

Also I downloaded a band called SEX-virgin killer, they sound fine. The guitars arae great for me. Maybe they can focus a little bit in vocals, don't take me as a haughty musician, because I'm not a musician and not haughty. Even though I love their visual kei 90's style.

Time for changes!

February 21 [Sat], 2009, 12:18
Hello everybody
I'm still here in tabernash, USA.
The work is ok. Now I'm little sad, because one guy I really like so much came back to his country (hawaii). The worst part is that this guy never knew about it, but inside of me I thought me never liked him.
I want to come back to my country, to study and practice more guitar. I still wants to be a great guitarrist as my heros. I want to finish my carreer and then study music.

Great news: I got a mp3, it's amazing because I can watch videos, too.

This is a drawing I painted when I went to visit some american friends with my other friend Sofia. we got a really nice time. They were smoking mota *lol*

Merry Xmas

December 25 [Thu], 2008, 10:49
Merry Christmas for everybody!
I'm here in Tabernash. I hope to have a nice christmas with all my friends here in the employee housing.

It's a real tree *o*, not plastic tree like in my country *lol*

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