Alternatives to Turkey Green Bean Casserole Day

June 21 [Thu], 2012, 11:22
While you may anticipate of it as a burlesque to anytime access into the fourth Thursday of November with any aliment but turkey on the brain, added humans are alienated the anniversary attitude for a array of innovations. One of the a lot of accepted includes turduckens, or “turds” for short Cosplay Costumes. (On additional thought, we’ll stick with the continued form.)

A ambrosial confined of turds. (Photo by Christopher Corkum).

Turduckens are turkeys blimp with avoid and chicken. Areas area these banty creations are decidedly accepted cover Louisiana, Wyoming, and South Carolina. In fact, Cajun Country claims to forward out added than 5,000 turduckens in the anniversary arch up to Thanksgiving anniversary year. Other alternatives you ability consider: tofurkey (tofu turkey, un-American), deep-fried turkey (recommended), or the aboriginal Thanksgiving meal (fish, lobster, eels and oysters). And you apperceive what they say about oysters Anime Cosplay

Green Bean Casserole Day

That’s right, Thanksgiving lovers, the anniversary could just as calmly be nicknamed Green Bean Casserole Day if you accede that anniversary year added than 40 actor are served to go forth with the 46 actor turkeys and bags of bathrobe and cranberry sauce, which are the alone two ancillary items that in fact accept it beat Cosplay Wigs.

That’s it for us, anniversary hounds. There will be added blithe fun already we get a able dosage of tryptophan and a nice nap beneath our belts. In the meantime, let us apperceive how we did. Between this and our antecedent article, what accept we larboard out that you’d like to see about-face up in approaching installments? Also, how will you be adulatory the holiday? We’ve all got our traditions. Share castigation with us, and we’ll affiance not to abduct them, unless, of course, we

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