Hermes Birkin bag: 5 reasons to wait 50 years

August 09 [Thu], 2012, 18:07
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Hermes and the it-bag "Birkin" are always talking about them. All women who did not dream about this bag. In "meltyFashion" or you found 5 reasons to wait until your 50 years to give you the bag of your life

Jane Birkin had to be the happiest woman has announced his consecration as a muse for the famous brand Hermes. Upon its release, the bag Hermes "Birkin" was named "it-bag" and several years after it continued to rage, a point that the waiting list for the bag covers the years. No doubt, there is no competition for this bag, not even the bag "Muse" from Yves Saint Laurent . You see the phenomenon began, continues and will continue as and when the years. So do not panic, you have ample time to save money and pay you the bag Hermes "Birkin" for your 50 years. And we found for you 5 reasons to wait because patience is an art, like fashion.

1) It is timeless

As I said before, the bag "Birkin" of Hermes is on all hands for years and the trend is increasing. At the same time we can understand, with a look that worked so well and cuts so finely drawn, it would melt a heart of ice in a glance.

2) All Stars have, we can wait to be on top as they

There is not a star who is no succumbed. We note with surprise that only one Hermes bag is their even enough. Victoria Beckham has all the colors. The other is content with a door but almost all occasions like Nicole Richie or Jessica Alba.

3) Before our 50 years, let's face it looks like an old lady

And yes girls! It is the object of your desires sure, but it is better to wait for it, to be sure not to stain and especially for her age. You've already seen Miley Cyrus, or Elizabeth Olsen wear it? No. To be in the right generation opt more for the bag "BB" of Lancel .

4) At 50 you want to stand out, with the Birkin bag you will not see you

You can imagine that with a bag "Birkin" of Hermes you will not go incognito and that's the goal. This is not because we have 50 years that we must necessarily already be put in the grave. For now we are young but believe in the future, you always want to be fashionable and we shook.

5) Better to wait 50 years to pay an infringement

Who makes fun of lugging a counterfeit? Sincere person. And yet I know that some sites are starting to make bags resembling the bag from Hermes "Birkin" as site "Accessorize" . Do not yield to this temptation that will propel you to the ranks of "has-been". You do one thing to do, save, invest and there's plenty more in a few years my dear "It-girls".

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