I need to write more entries 

August 05 [Sun], 2007, 11:49
I promise, as of today I will write more entries in my blog!

For 2 weeks I have had a Japanese exchange student. Her name is Nanako!

We had so much fun while she was here, we went shopping, to the zoo and many other places. It was very enjoyable to have her here, I wish she didn't have to leave.

I am going to start doing more towards my work as an online community pixel artist, I may even make a progress blog for the members to look at for updates and such.

First Entry! 

July 19 [Thu], 2007, 20:48

こんにちは! 始めまして.

私の名前はナタリです。 16 才です。高校一年生です。 オストラリアに住んでいます。

あああ~! 日本語は難しいです!



Hello! Pleased to meet you.

My name is Natalie.I am 16 years old. I am in my first year of Senior high School. I live in Australia.

Ahhh~! japanese is very difficult!

My hobbies are drawing, shopping and making a cake.


I can not speak Japanese very well, so most of my blog entries will be written in English, sorry! But I will try to write as much Japanese as possible so that I might improve my skill and gain some nerve.

I will not write much because I should leave it for another entry.


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