Life as a mother

September 01 [Tue], 2009, 23:49
Today my mother and my father went to mainland China this afternoon. My father was day-off today and also tomorrow. My mother gets a holiday on Wednesday. So they decide to go to China to handle something. After my mom went, I realize the heavy workload of a mother. My mom needs to go to work to earn for money. She also needs to be a housewife at home. She handle these two identify very well. For a mother, she needs to cook dinner, clean the cupboard and other furniture, sweep and mop he floor, wash the clothes by using washing machine and let the clothes dry in the air. Today I went outside and bought food to eat. So I don’t need to cook for myself. I only swept, mopped the floor, and let the clothes dry in the air. I used almost half an hour to finish these tasks. I felt quite tired after doing these. Now, I know my mother is very hard-working. She plays a good staff in her workplace and also a good mother in our family. I think all kids should thank to their mother.

For the new school day, I didn’t sleep very well yesterday. I felt quite sleepy during class. Miss Tam will be the acting principal. I heard this new before but I don’t know it is true or not. Anyway, I need to say congratulation to her. Although the principal is changed, the rules seem to be stricter. We have a new UE teacher. I heard others say she teaches very well. I hope I can get a good result under her teaching.

JLPT result release

August 29 [Sat], 2009, 23:55
Today I checked the result of JLPT level 2. I attended the exams on July, just two weeks after the final exam. I didn’t go outside to learn because others said self-study is still sufficient to get pass. So actually I am quite happy to see my result. I got a pass but I am still not very satisfied with the result. I checked the answers on the Internet before. The result is 10 marks lower than what I expect. I felt a little bit regretful. Because I didn’t do enough practice. This exam consist of 3 parts, one is “listening”, another is “grammar, reading”, the last one is “vocabulary”. I did quite well in the “grammar, reading” and “vocabulary” sections. I almost got 80% of them correct. But for the “listening” section, it was awful. I should listen more Japanese TV news programs to train my listening skills before. And I should do more listening exercise so I can get better in this section. But it is too late, I can’t change the result. The exam system is going to reform next year. It will consist only “listening” and “reading” section. And one more level will be added between the existing level 1 and 2. I hope I can attend the JLPT on December because it will be the last exam before the reform. And I am confident I can get a pass if I study hard. But my mom doesn’t allow. She said I need to focus on AL exam. I know AL exam is more important than Japanese exam. But maybe I can handle his two well. Maybe…

Blind people

August 27 [Thu], 2009, 23:00
Yesterday I watched the show << so far so good>>. I haven’t watched it before although it was really hot last and this year. This was the first time I watched this show and I think it was quite interesting.

In this chapter, it told about how blind people cook for themselves. I remembered one people calls Billy and another calls Alex. Billy is blind since born but Alex is blind since 30 years of an accident. Although Alex is blind now, he shows us blind people can still live happily. He can buy the cooking materials in the market. He can cook different dishes of delicious food by himself. He can take beautiful photos accurately. I really admire him so much. I feel unbelievable as I don’t think a blind people can do all the things without others. But I know I am wrong now. Although people always believe we should show our compassion to disabilities, Alex tells us disabled people do not need others’ sympathy. Alex considers himself as a normal people. He uses an optimistic way to live. He doesn’t view others’ help as sympathy, but he thinks he is very lucky that others can give him a hand. He finally cook a complete meal to “Ah So” and his friend Billy. I am really happy that he can find a girl that he loves even he hasn’t seen her once. I hope Alex and his girlfriend can keep their relationship forever.


August 20 [Thu], 2009, 23:13
Today the library opened at 12:00pm.
The library used to close on Thursday.
But recently it opens on Thursday too but the opening hour if from 12:00pm, but not 9:00am.
So today I could sleep late and eat breakfast slowly.

Today was quite hot; the sunshine in afternoon was so bright.
But after the sunset, there were winds.
This made me feel comfortable when I went running.
I think the summer is going to end and the autumn is going to come.
I like autumn more. In autumn, it is very comfortable for running.

By the way, today I met my former classmate in the study room.
I haven’t seen her for almost a year
She goes to another school to study. I remember her CE scores were quite high.
I haven’t contact her since she left school.
Actually, when we were distributed to different classes, we have fewer chances to talk and play together. Someone said, physical difference is more awful than mental difference. I believe it is true.
She becomes beautiful and looks like vey good.
I hope her has a good life in her new school.
Maybe some day I will meet her again. I hope at that time I can talk more with her.


August 18 [Tue], 2009, 23:25
It is a long time for not updating the blog.
When time flies, the summer vacation is going to end.
I wonder how time can fly so fast.
Over several summer holidays, I did nothing actually.
I just surfed the net, watched videos, read books and sometimes went outside for shopping and watching movies.
But this summer, I changed a little bit.
I have gone to the library for study since August.
I spent 4 hours a day there.
I see many of my classmates too. They work very hard. They left later than me.
In the library, I can see many students work hard for examination; most of them are S.4 and S.6. But I can still see some adults there. Some of them use laptop to reply emails and surf the Internet and write essays. I can even see some primary students doing homework and reading books. In the library, it is so quite and comfortable that can force me to concentrate on studying. I cannot study well at home because I will surf the net during studying. But in the library, I will not do so. In the past, I don’t like going to library to study because I think the atmosphere is so cold and dead. But now I am quite enjoy studying there. Work hard!

By the way, I don't know why my computer cannot play the audio of the esl listening website.

harry potter

July 19 [Sun], 2009, 19:10
We need to update our blog every week during the summer holiday.
So I decide to update my blog this week.

This week I went to see 'harry potter6' with my cousin.
I remembered I read the novel of HP6 few years ago.
So I forget some of the scenes.The comments of this movie given by some of the fanswere not very good .They said HP6 movie is very boring and the director focused on the love secnes too much.I thought it is OK. The love secnes of Ron and Hermione were very funny and interesting that made me laughed.But I think some of the audience that didn't see the novel before may find it difficult to understand.My cousin said it was very boring. But I can understand her because she haven't seen one of the novels.

If I need to give marks, I think I may give 6.5 out of 10.
I believe HP6 is a quite good but not excellent movie, at least I feel touching when I saw Dumbledore dead. I think the director should talk more more 'half-blood prince'. And, I don't like the actor of Ginny!
Anyway, I look forward to watching the last series of Harry Potter!

thesis statement 090427

April 27 [Mon], 2009, 21:33
Today we watched a video talking about the swine flu in the UE lesson. The source of the flu comes from Mexico. It is a lethal and deadly flu that kills people quickly. I do not know the flu had spread in Hong Kong already or not. But I wish it hadn’t spread in Hong Kong.

Thesis statement 090427
Many people believe big countries should spend money on virus research, but a closer look shows that they should emphasis on space exploration more. Mutation occurs on virus only, the DNA structure of a virus may change suddenly. So it’s difficult to predict virus. Moreover, we can only stop the spread of disease, but not virus. Virus still be exist even the disease isn’t exist. Therefore, why don’t we spend more money on space exploration? As the living standard on the Earth is deteriorating, for example, global warming becomes more and more serious, earthquakes are unpredictable etc. So we may find a planet which is more suitable than Earth for the human to live one day if more resource is put on the exploration of the space. Then, we will not be afraid the virus attacks us as the ideal planet should be anti-virus.

thesis statement 090424

April 24 [Fri], 2009, 19:03
Recently, actor Jacky Chan commented Hong Kong and Taiwan are too” chaotic” because they are too free, and thus Chinese people need to be controlled. His speech raised a lot of concern form different people. I don’t know he is correct or not. But I think he is not mature enough so that he would say something like this.

Thesis statement 090424
If we understand the power of language, we will understand why celebrities should choose their words carefully. Refer to the case of Jacky Chan. Everyone knows he is a Hollywood movie star. He is a public figure that many children admire him. So he should be careful in his public remarks. The words he says actually influence his fans and also represent Hong Kong. Therefore, he should always be conscious that his words. Politic is an especially sensitive topic. If we say something bad about one countries, no people will blame us because Hong Kong is a city which ahs freedom of speech. But if a celebrity criticizes on a country; probably many people will condemn him or her. I hope Jacky Chan can learn a lesson from Chip Tsao, who referred Philippines as a “nation of servants’ and made an apology to Philippines later.

thesis statement 090423

April 23 [Thu], 2009, 19:05
I read an article which talks about people suffer at least one headache a month during the economic downturn. Because people worried they will be fired with a pessimistic working prospect.

Thesis statement 090423
Most people believe do extra work is the most important thing in the economic downturn, but a closer look shows that they should rest and do more exercise, especially in this moment. Many problems arise in the recession, such as salaries cut, unemployment and conflicts with supervisors. These problems make people suffer a great amount of stress and then may even cause anxiety and depression. Therefore, people should not focus on their job only; instead, they should allow themselves to have more leisure so as to relieve their bad emotions. Doing exercise can make one feel relaxed and so it can release the pressures. Having a holiday can allow people to get more energy so they will feel energetic the next working day. I hope all the people can still feel fine and good under the financial tsunami. Have a nice day!


April 20 [Mon], 2009, 14:36
I did homework in the easter holiday. But I didn't have much revision.
The most inspired thing happened on last Saturday.
My computer was broken down suddenly.
But I still had lot of work to do through Internet.
So I brought the CPU to the computer shops for fixing it. The computer shops were quite far form my home.
It rained all day. The CPU was very heavy and the rain was very heavy too.
I needed to use one of my hand to hold the umbrella and another hand to hold the CPU. I didn't go by taxi because I want to save money.
I think it is a very good experience because I haven't take such a heavy thing before.
It made me know that life is very tough. We have a lot of difficulties to face.
Somebody always say HK students give up very easily if they got difficulties.
They said HK teenagers couldn't suffer pain and we are brittle.
But I think this thing make me know I should not give up even the CPU was very heavy. I should take The CPU to the computer shops by myself.
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