August 04 [Fri], 2006, 6:16

our xanga

August 03 [Wed], 2005, 6:22
create a xanga with we are happy to write dariy together everyday(?!)...i will try my best to keep it...but i won't give up here.....because here is only for myself.....
because i feel safe when i open this page


July 30 [Sat], 2005, 2:35
many things bad happened...many are happening...but we must be strong,that is because we have to least i own you baby, at least i can see your face everymorning after i get up..that gives me the power to start a new day..i don't care what will happen, i just want to walk with you till the end...if there is an end....

come back.....

May 09 [Mon], 2005, 14:28
This skin is so cuuuute...just like i have to write something
like always,she is out.but good news is: i will begin my school again this Tuesday...feel nervors now..
here is a plase i feel safe enough.......keep going

along here...

March 07 [Mon], 2005, 4:00
She left home to zone like every weekend.i really feel tired about this...every weekends is her work day, Tue & Wen is our weekend(mon she needs sleep)

*I'm aware of my poor expression

but i still have to say that

lo gong...i have to tell everyone that i'm really love u

i don't kno how to let u understand me

i do not kno anything i only know i love u too ,,,,,,,,,,,

just wanna let you know

That I don't wanna let you go

i miz u more and more as each day goes by

u are the only one i miz

it takes me 5 mins to write these words to u

but my whole life to luv u wif no regret and never fade*

miss you here.............

we fight again

March 01 [Tue], 2005, 2:00
she wants to go to the lawyer,and ask me to take out money.i was very hurt about this indeed....every times i want to talk this but i dont know how to begin....this time i finally do it....
it is lucky we are good at the end

get better

February 28 [Mon], 2005, 13:58
when she came back she laughed at my hair(i hang it).but now,when she is out, i always do this at home
today somebody called her wanted 120 candy.that is so good.i hope she can do the bussiness out side zone,so she doesn't need get too tired every time.that is my most we see thins getting better.
we need money to be i must begin to save money for us. i decide to make a note of $ every maybe useful.


February 27 [Sun], 2005, 17:29
i love her only...
baby for my whole life....
our life is busy now,but i will always by your side...just believe in you.....
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