August 04 [Fri], 2006, 6:16


July 26 [Wed], 2006, 5:03
i still in love with her...i am pretty sure about it
her business begins to make good money now
ok i am happy
but what is wrong with it?

final projects 

December 15 [Thu], 2005, 4:32
feel so stressful these days...until today i feel i have the 3d project and dos menu systerm....hope our game for flash goes well.....then it is the best time of the year lu!~~~


November 29 [Tue], 2005, 14:07
well...long time no write here....means long time no place for my own......decide to make a makeup blog for myself...........that is good for me.....must keep it going on.......

our xanga 

August 03 [Wed], 2005, 6:22
create a xanga with we are happy to write dariy together everyday(?!)...i will try my best to keep it...but i won't give up here.....because here is only for myself.....
because i feel safe when i open this page


July 30 [Sat], 2005, 2:35
many things bad happened...many are happening...but we must be strong,that is because we have to least i own you baby, at least i can see your face everymorning after i get up..that gives me the power to start a new day..i don't care what will happen, i just want to walk with you till the end...if there is an end....


May 28 [Sat], 2005, 4:08
so soul and body both....
don't know what to do about my school..can't stop it....can't stop anything.......

tips from MUA 

May 20 [Fri], 2005, 13:19
eye concealer.....bronzer..........

come back..... 

May 09 [Mon], 2005, 14:28
This skin is so cuuuute...just like i have to write something
like always,she is out.but good news is: i will begin my school again this Tuesday...feel nervors now..
here is a plase i feel safe enough.......keep going

getting warm 

March 25 [Fri], 2005, 19:07
today i think the C is about 6~7 degreesi didnt sleep last night to pick up the kitten today, but we were told we have to wait until the cleaner cleans our sad!but laogong buy me the Guerlain ball powder todayi love her so much! another one is for her best friend pearl~
i found my skin is pretty bad these days,maybe because i do make ups again??but i think the worst is no sleep yesterday.what should i do? i have to find out what to use to save my poor skin...maybe a mask ummmmmmm
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