Fashion geometrics took shape in Greece, flourished in Austria: Clotheslines

November 02 [Wed], 2011, 17:19

Dear Marylou: Of all the new printed fabrics, the geometrics look the most modern to me.Just go ahead and try and shop around for Buy Cheapest Scarf + Hats Sale Online. Who initiated this trend? Did it start in the '60s? I'm a design student at Pratt, but research on this subject is sketchy. Can you help?

Dear A.P: In London's Swinging '60s, they called them neo geos, and they were indeed influential. But to get to the root (the square root?) of geometry in fashion, you have to go back to 300 B.C., when Greek mathematician Euclid gathered the most common concepts of geometry in his time -- and added some of his own. The squares, circles and triangles of modern geometric prints probably began with the first printed fabrics, but the geometrics that continue to influence today's designers flourished in Austria with an art movement known as the Wiener Werkstatte (also called the Vienna Workshops).

This is the school, founded in 1903 by architect Josef Hoffman and designer Koloman Moser, that inspired Rome designer Valentino to create his celebrated haute couture collection of 1989, a collection that transposed the motifs of furniture and architecture to fashion. The original Valentino illustration here is a testament to the beauty and staying power of fashion geometrics. You could say he took geometry to another plane.

Geometrics figure importantly in the New York collections for next spring, especially at Diane Von Furstenberg, Carolina Herrera and Donna Karan.

Dear Marylou: I was about to buy an alligator handbag until I saw the four-figure price tag. You once wrote about how to tell the difference between alligator and its imitators. Please repeat.

Dear N.N.: Before I repeat, you may want to reconsider the four-figure price tag. The bag may already have greater resale value. Many alligator bags are now well into the five-figure stratosphere. Dior, for example,If you're looking to purchase an buy Cheap Gucci AAA Cap Sale Online this lens is here to help. has one for $29,000. Yves Saint Laurent has one for $19,Best Quality handbags sale at discounted prices including IWC pilot & Portofino watches.950.List of affordable Breitling prices for used and authentic Breitling in Discount Gucci handbags for sale. And don't even ask about Hermes.Wholesale Burberry A Cap for sale can give you a new look.

Many of the imitation alligator and mock croc (aka croco) accessories look authentic. Unlike faux furs, faux pearls and faux Louboutins, which are often easily detectable and therefore less desirable to the cognoscenti, many of the make-believe skins of this new Reptilian Age look real. Judith Leiber, America's most awarded handbag designer, told me that even she has been fooled by good imitations, pointing out that skin markings on genuine alligator and crocodile are generally more irregular than the most perfectly drawn mocks. Next, she urges, "Smell the bag. The faux will smell like plastic."

If there is no visual way to separate the real from the fake, why would anyone spend the sometimes outrageous prices for the genuine? "Because the real thing has elegance and luxury," she replied. "It will last forever."

Dear F.F.: A spectator is two-tone (usually black or brown with white) lace-up oxford or brogue with a perforated wing tip, so named because it is shaped like the spread wings of a bird. Fred Astaire famously tapped into spectators in the '30s. The original perforations were originally holes or slashings made to let water drain out of these early Scottish shoes, which were often worn while fording a stream or crossing marshy land.