My personal Pop'n Roll!! XDD 

2005年01月21日(金) 5時37分
Dooone, they're all done T___T...I mean...Priest is done, buut...Sirius is still...ah *Psyne face* whatever...well, here they are, my Subaru ofudas (*Psyne face* mean name) and my RO cosupuree!/o/~~ Mitte nee!!

o_o/~~~..huh...byye A__A

Sirus done! 

2005年01月13日(木) 6時41分
I finished, I finished! My Sirius Black cosu is all done!!*__* I mean...there's still the robe left, but that's a minor thing now, 'cause I have everything else!*__* *lovelove* My wig is sooooooooo cute, OMG I love it!! And my eyes...I really wanted my lenses to appear at this photo, but it is way too small T.T Oh well, whatever...have a look! X3~<3

Isn't it awesome?*-*~ I loved so much!*hearheart*

Oh well, now I have to finish my RO'S Priest cosu, I hope everything is doing fine with it...I really really do...=_=" And...I'm planning about doing Kaoru Ain't Afraid to Die (End of Macabre) cosu for July's Anime Friends...o.o~...yeah, let's see what I decide...XD Bye!


2005年01月05日(水) 7時30分
Yaah, my Sirius necktie is coming out sooo cute!!X3~ Look!!

Isn't it great?! *__* Oh, I have to end it soon, otherwise I cannot finish the other cosplays's things!+_+ *sob*

あけました!!X3~ And things going on!! 

2005年01月04日(火) 9時29分
どうぞ今年もよろしくお願いします! X3~<3

Sooo here we are, 2005!! Hahahahaha, the year has barely began and I already have tons of things to think about /o/~~

Priets (Ragnarok Online) cosplay and Sirius Black (Harry Potter) cosplay are doing fine, very fine, I bought some more things for them today and my Sirius wig is done, I just have to go to the wig shop and take her! *_* My babe...
I couldn't do my black bat headwings for my RO cosu, but that's okay, there will be another times, anyways^^

Plus that, I'm preparing things to the Mitsu Photoshoot week, it will be very funny indeed ^-^y The costumes already done are: Subaru (Tokyo Babylon), L (Death Note), Yuki (Fujimi Orchestra, Ryuutarou (Plastic Tree...but I don't have the bonewings T.T), Miyavi, Gaara (Naruto), Soubi (Loveless)...I need to think more about my Ash (Pop'n Music), 'cause the cosu isn't done yet, soo...XD let's see what I can do, huh?!^^

Aaaand I have already started to look up for my Ruki (Gazette) cosu, but that striped fabric just DOESN'T EXIST here!! +_+ It's making me mad, I DO NEED to find that or my Ruki will not be done and I'll be reeeeeeeeally angry...damn =_=" I am just happy that Reita's (GAZETTE) costume and Kyo Ain't (Diru) costumes are easy! I have almost EVERYTHING of the Kyo cosu here, this helps a lot! Well, I'll search more for Ruki, I'm pretty sure to find the things I need...or I hope so, ne -_-"

Well, I guess this is all, next time I'll post some photos of my InProgress cosplays here! Bye!! X3

Really early... 

2004年12月30日(木) 21時38分
Posting really really early...haha but this yaplog stuff is so cool and now that I know how everthing works here, I can't help it =P~

This diary is more for our cosu site (Mitsu) than anything else, but that's okay, i like it anyways^^ I'll try to post here the same things that I post on my weblog, but with more things about our little cosu group, I really hope u guys to enjoy it o/~ The site isn't ready yet, buy we are working on him, and the first thing we've done is...diaries!XD hell yeah, these diaries are the first thing working on Mitsu...=P shaaame!! But that's okay, that's okay, we'll finish it quickly, I promise!!

Well, this is it, next time I'll try to post an image, just for testing A_A And...I don't know, today is not being one of my best days, huh....I dunno =P

Byyye /o/~


2004年12月30日(木) 14時11分
Well well, just testing...this is soo freakin' cool X3~~ I guess I'm gonna post here more than in my weblog =P haha, but I don't really care...=P
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