Of that music that used to make me smiiiiiile... 

2005年11月09日(水) 2時47分
(let's continue...)

Peter Pettigrew from The Marauders
second; version

Well, there weren't much of a change between my first Peter.. I only changed the wig... Reita-kun lend me her Reita's wig (whatta funny phrase XDD *lol*)... it came out cool!! n_n
I have not many pics... but I'll edit one and post as soon as possible!
I'm thinking about making a real and planned Peter for the Pottercon of the next year... but I have time *lol*

And that was all by this time... *lol*
For the end of the year and January of the next, I'll make three... no, I'm not THAT rich *lol* but two of them are only a coat, and the second is a passion of mine... anyhow! Here they go:

I promisse to write down how I'm making them!
See ya!! ~*heart*

A long long time agoo, I can still remembeeer... 

2005年11月09日(水) 2時41分
Here I am! Not dead at all! *lol*
Sorry for taking sooooooooooo long and not write... actually, I was thinking about WhAT to write, because this is only for cosplays and I wans't making any.. but then I started to made some more cosplays and never wrote a thing XDDD bad, bad me... anyhow, to not loose time, I'm goin to write everything down... (I'm kinda hyper d]these days, you know.. *lol*)

Uruha from Gazette
MRD live version

Ok... this was a very easy to make... because I didn't need to run with many things...
The shirt needed to be the same for all the group, and like I am the only one who lives a little bit far from where the other girls of the group live, they actually had all the work on the shirts... they look after a shirt that fit, they ajusted for our bodies, and made the draws on silkscreen... I only paid =x=~ yeah, bad, bad me again.. but I'd not be a lot of use anyways, like I can't use Corel Draw and Santos isn't the best place to buy cheap clothes...
One way or another, they made the shirt, and it turn out perfect i____i~*heartheart*

For the pants, I bought the fabric and the little circle beams... send it to a tailor and tchanananan! All ready to go! I had some trouble with her though... =x= had to finish some things that she couldn't do by the time I asked... but it turned out just fine, so I ca't complain in the end..!

The members of the band ~
(their webjournals are on the links list! n_n)
ME as Uruha
LIME-chan as Ruki
REITA-kun as Reita
AOI-san as Aoi

Some pics ~
click here to see it large!
(four of us... edited by Aoi-san!! n_n~*heart*)

(the back..)

(me on stage! *lol*)

(continues on the next post...)

TTxTT~ bye bye hair 

2005年07月08日(金) 4時23分
(one ready at start and one ready at the end LOL XD~
just picturing to be happy /uxu/)

MY HAAAAAAAAIR TTxTT I want my hair back noooooooooooooow *shakes everybody* darn Lee *kicks Lee* uxu~ couldn't he be a little less nonsense with his appearance =x=''''''''' tsc... anyways

everything ready /*_______________*/~
...not perfect UxU but ready XDD~~
Here are the paintings ~~> click click!
I'm going to SP tomorrow Va_aV hope everything goes ok...

And of course, let's hope luck for the girls on their test today n_n/~<3 Good luck giiiirls... ganbatteeeee ~~<3<3<3<3

Ps.: Can anybody straight my wig and take this *ucking virus out of my computer? =_=~ I'm beeeeeeeeging...

painting like there is no tomorrow 

2005年06月29日(水) 10時36分
Yeeeeeeeeeeeeei \A_______A/~ Mitsu website is opened and I'm almost done with the painting part!! visit visit --> http://mitsu.memebot.com
I only hope the server don't get mad a_a since we have 4 websites for all the pictures XDDDDDDDDD~~ shu shu, keep it secret!

For the love of God, I don't have any more classes... so... cosplay time!!!!! \A__A/ I've made a lot of things lately...~*haato*

Well, this is my wig \TTxTT/ sin't she pretty?! *hugs forever*

Aaaand well... this week I've painted almost everything... the back part of the lace and the kimono's sleeve ~*haato*

This is the not-ready back part of the lace a_a but not it's finished, but I didn't have time to take a picture of it ready before taking to the dress-maker XDDDDD anyhow...

And thiiiiiiiis is the sheet paint A_Â which is not done too XDDDD I need to make de contours of the scales... *afraid* and that s going to give a damn work ==

Well... my "ball" didn't worked.. so I'm thinking on another way to make something oval...== and I think that's about it... I'll start to make the fan tomorrow *bought the special-paper today* and... yei )A__a) bye bye guys!

PS.: Yes, I've changed the lay again a_a sorryyyyyy I have ants on my fingers TxT~~~~~~~~~~~~~

A___A hallooooooo 

2005年05月28日(土) 13時25分
yeah yeah, and like a fenix I'm back \u.u\~~~~~~~~~~<3
Well, tomorrow I'll start to make the manufactored part a_a~ my wig is bought (and its beeeeeeeeautiful TxT~~~~~~~~~~~<3) and... nothing else to say A_A
Oh yeah! Mitsu is ready!!
...but we need a host u.u'

beginning \o.o/~ 

2005年03月27日(日) 13時20分
HEEEEEEEEEEEY!!! /mitsu_doku here \o/ Welcome to my new yaplog... yeah, that was because I changed my nickname to use at Mitsu so... u.u~ that's the last one I promisse XDDDDDD~~

All pics of the site are ready \A___A/~ Me and Satoru are working on the lay of the shoots now...and Tarou with the lay of the website... and soon it will be done (it's getting soooooooooooooooo(...)ooooooo cute UxU<3)

And I already bought the fabrics for my new cosplays: Felicia (from Magna Carta) and Rock Lee (from Naruto); this week I'll probably give them to the dressmaker and start making the accessories \on___no/<3<3

And I think that's all the news I have XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD~~
bye bye guys \A_A\~~
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