switching places \@_@/ 

2005年03月27日(日) 13時44分
Moved ~> mitsu_miwa

Not dead XD 

2005年02月15日(火) 6時43分
Sorry for not writing here so much =_________='' sorry sorry soooooooorry
It was because I went to a trip at São paulo, and when I came back the school year just began and I didn't have any time... oh well, no news for cosplays yet n_n only plans and I'm still working at the website pictures... gonna take the last ones now XD to put at the index page... oh well, you guys will see, it's getting so cute \(~n_n~)/

Wish us luck with the projects!!!! /o/~~<3<3<3

Finished A________A~ 

2005年01月21日(金) 5時48分
Heeeeeeeeey... ahn... so, Rogue is done!! /A___________A/ Aaaand I love my belt, and my velvet and my wings and and and.... oh well, take a look /o/~~

*hugs de cosplay and walks away* TTxTT~~~~*haatohaatohaato*

a looooot of things XD 

2005年01月13日(木) 11時03分
Heeeeeey people XDDDD
these days has been full... but that's good \A_A/~~*haato* it has been turned out nice... I've made many things on them, so, take a look XD

My Death Note TTxTT
hope my hair doesn't destroy the cosplay XDDDDD~~~~~

My Watanuki's wings... I'm gonna put them on my back with a pair of "silicone" (*looking for it on the dictionare*)...
I've changed the shape a little bit, because I'll probably make Sora's clothes on the Town of Halloween, so I'll already have the wings \A_A/
(and sure because I think it's much prettier)

Watanuki's collar... A_A one more time a little dog XD~~~~~~~
I like the "gizo" though TTxTT~~*haato*

Ahn... my "new" Hokuto's red shoe XDDDDDDDDDD~~~~~~ it doesn't look so much that I've painted it
I need to put the cloth on it though...

And theeeeeeeese are my future little knives for rogue XD~~
I've made the detail today, probably going to paint tomorrow TTxTT

Aaaaaaaaand that's it XDDDDDDDDDD~~
but I have more things to work on u_u so i better go now and decide how to do miyavi's collar ==' the first one didn't work when I putted it today... oh well u_uV "hands to work"!!!!

Things to do and things done 

2005年01月04日(火) 8時13分
New Year have passed and now everything is being prepared for the
trip /A__________________A/~~
Let's see...
Raito (Death Note)'s cosplay is ready and today I've bought a black notebook to make a Death Note /A_A/~
Kagome (Pop n Music)'s clothes are ready too, the little white flower is sew up in the dress, I only need a little cage now /o/~
Watanuki (XXX Holic), Ritsuka (Loveless) and Hokuto (Tokyo babylon) are missing the cat ear, which I'm waiting for the plush, that a friend of my aunt is going to buy in a cheaper place on Wednesday. But the tail is done, I've putted wire on it to make stand up XDDDDD but still isn't very tied in, but with a little care it stays up for a little time o_oV I just can't keep moving myself too long.
Miyavi's collar worked TTxTT~~~~~ I made it today with wire, and it got
veeeeeeeeeeeery cool, really!
Oh yes, Pettigrew (HP) still needs a tie u_u' but I'm looking for the right color...
Aaaaaaaaaand the others are done \A____________A/~~

Oh sure, almost forget! Roge (Ragnarok online)'s weapon u_u' which didn't turn out very... ahn... good on the first try XDDD~~~ so I'm trying again... at least I've already done the black-wing hat *_*~~~~<3<3 ...I think it got too big... but anyways, I liked it o_o~ it looks more like the game this way...

TTxTT aren't them cuteeeee? My babies *hugs*
ok ok ._. aaaaaand... I think that's all
so let's run to make these things done /u_u/~~~~~~~~*haato*

A.A uhuhuhu 

2004年12月31日(金) 9時18分
Heeeeeeeeeeeeey people! A_A
this is sooooooooooo cool *hugs the diary* ...thanks Annee TTxTT~~~~~<3<3 loved everything, thanks a lot n_____n/~~ ...I think the site didn't like my pc though =='/~~

Sooooo like Shiro said, I'll probably talk about cosplays here XDDD but until that let's talk about how the site is going /o/~~ BR photos are ready (and they are sooooooo cool TxT it very looks like blood on the floor!!!), and I'm working on the layout to put them now... hope it turns out as awsome as we think it will /n_n/~

And for now I think that's it... \o_o/~~~~<3<3
take care you guys, bubyeeee /AxA/~~~~

Hallo o.o/~ 

2004年12月31日(金) 3時37分
Shiro here, just testing o.o/~ Hope u like the yaplog skin, Mari XDD I think this one is sooooooo you! Hahaha, so cute!X3~

Well, that's it, bye o.o/~
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