November 03 [Tue], 2009, 11:31
halloween 2009.
-i will never forget this day. :)

daily entry.

October 28 [Wed], 2009, 12:51

awwww............i miss my long hair that much. im gonna keep long once again. =) life is pretty awesome recently. meet up with girlfrens. make fully good use of my day off always! JB trip with ying is totally awesome! not forgetting NAT's birthday! ha! *hope she loves what we got for her. :D oh ya....SGH dinner n dance! im so excited over MR SGH.....but these time round there isnt any. kinda of sad uh? LOLS! MISS SGH seriously CMI. oops! but the only winner is really pretty! ha! enjoy those times with crazy lovely ppl i adores! my working collegues! hahahas! always had so much fun to hang out with.not forgetting buffet dinner today!

for months and months,i've been busy with my life. sooooo much of pictures. and im sick of loading them up. ha!

oh ya lastly, you.just.make.my.life.sweeter. thanks. cant wait for more outings together! :D


October 08 [Thu], 2009, 18:26
its just the theme of the year.

SGH DINNER and DANCE.-tmr. 091009

well im selected to go. =)
and those going with me are all my favourites! cant wait to have free foods and fun time with them!

lau's birthday

October 08 [Thu], 2009, 0:28

how can i forget about my sexy bitch birthday.
what i can remembered is that we celebrted on 12 sept.and we enjoyed to e max.
vomitted to max!-regretted.not gonna let tt happen to me again ever i swear!

the main cause of it.

end result.

on the 13th itself, just chit chatting with my lovessss....
i really missed those wonderful school life we had together.

ps: come to think of it. it sooooo scary.we came out with a conclusion. once so close in life yet strangers along that street.

LOKE's belated birthday!

October 03 [Sat], 2009, 14:33

FISH&CO- forever like this.... people please think of smth new to celebrate birthday in the house!

I LOVE THIS SIGN! hahahas!
poor us. still on night that time! soooooo tired!

crazy night! crazy time spent together!
crazy nurses in the house!
we gossip big time indeed!
scandal between doctors or whatever it is.
how annoying DR. can be when they knows nothing but to be super arrogant. seriously,we will just ban them totally. HAHAAS!

coming up: Z-O-O ZOOO!!!!! outing! ha!


October 02 [Fri], 2009, 22:44



not forgetting our banana QUEEN! HAHAAHAHAS!
xiangyuan's friends really fun and adorable! nice meeting them!
really had a great get-away trip with lovely peoplei love!
more get-away outing sooooon, NAT! :D

lum's enlistment

October 02 [Fri], 2009, 18:35

meet up with lum and shumei during my AL week......(like few weeks back) and before he goes to army. so much laughters and fun! enjoy their accompany to max.!
well they treated me for dinner(because it my birthday)! <3 hehes! :DDD

meet up sooooon ppl! esp lum....i think he is way too busy with his army lfe now.
poor boy.

month ago.

October 02 [Fri], 2009, 17:49
just bear with me. all photos are out-dated! too busy to upload and blog about it.
went clubbing with ying and brothers. seriously enjoy to the max.
busy worklife and once a while to club,its nice though. :)

i love my family.

September 28 [Mon], 2009, 12:23

the ones that never throw you behind always.
im blessed.
the bond with my 2 crazy brothers are getting better than before.and realised they really grown up and care for one another. love them to max!
and cant wait for overseas trip together!!!!

party.party with lovesss.

September 27 [Sun], 2009, 2:05
after 21.


lets welcome MORE PARTIES...................

my 21st had come to a stop.cost me a bomb. HA! busy and tired. yet full of happiness.
soooo much to say. much to feel. :)
lovely friends supporting me and by my side always.
recieved lovely presents. thanks! :D