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2006年02月17日(金) 17時13分

6 日への亀梨君の誕生日

Its All Over!!~ 

2006年02月15日(水) 16時22分
Its already over today Jimusho made an official statement to that drinking incident. And this is a news from Japan.




なぜですか? Shukan Josei 13.02.06 

2006年02月14日(火) 16時27分

Can anyone tell me that this is fake 9 more days to 亀梨君の誕生日 hope nothing will happen to him o(>.<)o and also KAT-TUN is going to debut soon somemore That picture of him seems younger. Or was it that the alcohol belong to someone elseOh by the way, Happy Valentine's Day to all

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2006年02月13日(月) 17時00分

Translation Kame article from Myojo March 2006 

2006年02月13日(月) 16時58分
[Everything is experience!]
I entered this world [of entertainment business] when I was in the second class of middle school, and from then on the number of things I want to do has gradually increased. That's why from the perspective of people who still haven't been able to find a goal in life and worry about that, I think I am truly blessed. But if you go through life with interest and an open mind, your possibilities will increase endlessly. Therefore I think that even people who don't have anything specific they want to do right now will definitely find something if they only open their mind. I want them to shed their preconceptions and not only judge things on the background of what they already know, I want them to experience a lot of different things. If you do that, you will be able to come to like something which you were not at all interested in before. People shine the most when they do something that they like. I'd like it if everyone of us can become someone like that.

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Translation Kame article from Myojo March 2006 

2006年02月13日(月) 16時55分
[One should be superstitious]
I think there are a lot of people who are so nervous on the day of exams and tests that they can't give 100%. For me, that's also the topic of my life. *laughs* For "Dream Boys", from when the training hadn't even started, I already couldn't sleep anymore. At a time like that, you can't simply switch over and be relaxed, can you? That's why I try to think of other, more enjoyable things to escape the stress. Sometimes this way of escaping reality is really necessary, I think. When there is a concert, I put on the ring I decided on beforehand, during the period of appearing on stage I stretch every morning... I treasure such superstitions. [AN: Superstition may not be a good translation for this, but I can't come up with a better one. Basically he means that you should create (and repeat) situations which act like a kind of framework for your mind, thus helping you to calm down. See following sentence!]
If you believe in them, they lend strength to your heart and let you have confidence in yourself, so you may be able to put in even more strength than usual.

Translation Kame article from Myojo March 2006 

2006年02月13日(月) 16時48分
[Talking about studying]
When I hear exam, I remember my third year in middle school. [AN: Which is the time when a lot of middle schoolers have to prepare for the difficult highschool entrance exams.] In order to be able to go to highschool, I took a month of vacation from work and studied. A family teacher came to my house, and I studied everyday for eight hours. I often wished I could go out to play with my friends or sleep, but then I kept thinking of the things after passing the exam and kept doing my best. When I still thought studying was too hard, I changed the place for studying from my home to the library, went for walks through the neighbourhood and changed my mood. I thought of my studying method by myself. I like thinking of ways how to approach something on my own, more than someone telling me "You need to do it like this.", and this is true not only for studying but really for everything. That's because more than looking at some written instructions from beginning to end, I enjoy looking at the basics only and figuring the rest out by myself, and I think I master things that way.

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*'`'*-☆必勝☆*'`'*- for my Common Test

Docomo NTT 和也 と 仁 のCM 手機錢包 

2006年02月13日(月) 16時32分

Hurry download it before it expires

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