"im not gay,my boyfriend is" 

2005年03月07日(月) 2時27分
MD is effin fit.he's a bass player of a band called Lounge.


i was gonna write bout this weekend but i didn do nethin special,went to the pub on friday nite(man,that was pretty gay,never seen the moon bein that empty on friday nite.)went back to nicks n had a nite in....o man he really turned me off,he jus woke up in the middle of the nite n was sayin like"i cant get bloody sleep,this bed is too fuckin small!im gonna sleep on the floor!"n he got his sleepin bag out of the cupboard n started sleepin on the floor...i mean,WTF?lol
i dunno,it really got me upset n i jus started cryin(quietly,tho.)he noticed that i was cryin after a while n was like"are u in a mood wiz me?..darling itz not yr fault u know,itz jus bcoz this bed is too small for two of us.."i didn say nethin,i cudnt,more like.i was jus way too upset.there's no point of me comin round n sleepin at his if we cant get to sleep together,on the same bed.yeh...we definitely need to get a bigger flat n bigger bed...n a cat.neway im too tired to think,im off.

heavy heavy heavy 

2005年02月27日(日) 5時34分
got mocks next week.gotta study but i just cant concentrate...n im gonna be sleepin at nicks tonite which means im not revising tonite.im pretty much fucked.but hey the good news is its only mocks n teachers tend to give bad marks to make students study harder for the final exams...heh.i still need to study hard to impress my parents.

im back in england! 

2005年01月11日(火) 2時52分
i came back here on sunday nite,i was fuckin knackered n everythin but i jus went to N's straightaway.he gave me a birthday present,which was so sweet: )itz a bracelet wiz purple stones on it,guess that stone iz amethyst...
n he gave me one more present,the best fuck: P (man,seriously that was amazing)he he he

neway im off,gotta get sum work done.meh.

im gonna be 

2005年01月04日(火) 22時55分
17 in an hour n a bit.
n i guess im gonna be waitin for yr txt..*sigh*


2005年01月04日(火) 11時39分
im guessin that the reason why u dun email me iz bcoz u r back in cambs n dun have the access to the internet but i think u cud at least send me a txt,at least once a day.
im kinda pissed atm,dunno why im goin out wiz u,this kinda thing makes me think that u dun actually care bout me.

...i know i worry too much but itz all bcoz of u,itz bcoz im so in love wiz u : (


2005年01月02日(日) 22時11分
im missin u so bad atm,jus wanna see u RIGHT NOW n hold u close,wanna fall asleep in yr arms..:'(

a friend in needs a friend indeed,friend wiz weed is better... 

2005年01月01日(土) 23時26分
Placebo kicks arse.i got into them right after i started goin out wiz N(my bf)...ive known their name for quite a long time but never really had a chance to listen to them til i met N,he kinda FORCED me to listen to them cuz they're so good n i jus fell for it.i used to think like,"oh man they(placebo)r so gaaaaaay!"to be really honest.lol
i dun have prejudice or nething against gay people thou.in fact ive got some gay friends,they're fuckin sweet actually.

neway gotta go to bed soon,im fuckin knackered.

.....i dun smoke weed btw.this title iz jus a line from placebo song.


2005年01月01日(土) 13時43分
happy new year,i dun wish nething but the peace for the world.

neway ive been txtin wiz my bf n he was like "i miss u so much it hurts,i wanna be wiz u right now,holdin u,kissin u n seein u smile,God i want u so bad right now.i love u"
i was like"man i feel exactly the same as u do,i want u really bad blah blah blah.."
n u know what he said?he said"im gonna give u the best fuck of yr life when u get back"i was like "right oooooon lol"

hmm,i really cant wait to get back now hehehe

in a few mins 

2004年12月31日(金) 23時57分
year 2004 iz gonna end!im jus wonderin why im at home,on my own,sittin in front of my laptop ...jus wanna go back to england n see my bf,n then celebrate new year wiz him...

anyway,ive decided to write diary kinda thing again,im quite sure this isnt gonna last long.i jus cant stick to one thing for a long time u know(but dun worry itz not gonna apply to u>my bf.hehehe)

so yea,ive been away from england for 2weeks now n....these 2weeks that ive been away from my bf made me realize how important he is,he means the world to me n i think i love him..
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