From New Mexico to Japan 

August 18 [Sat], 2007, 1:03
Hi. This is Mipochi from Japan. I am a university student in Akita though I am from Osaka. My university is called Akita International University. We always call it AIU! AIU has curirculums which most of other Japanese university do not have. For example, AIU students take most classes (except for Japanese classes) in English, even though teachers are Jpanese. Also, all AIU students have to study abroad for a year so as to experience different culture and customs.

As an AIU student, I had to meke decision to study abroad. Most AIU students study abroad when they are sophmore and the certain time for them is said to be in winter, of course some students go abroad when they are junior or senior. However if students have enough TOEFL score and grades, they can apply for studying abroad early. We call it ASAP but it does not mean the original meaning of "a.s.a.p". You may ask why the system is called ASAP, but sorry, I forgot why it is called ASAP...

Anyway I decided to apply for ASAP when I was a freshman on Feburary. I considered very seriously which university to apply. There were many choices for AIU students.

I've been interested in Mexico since I was a junior high school student. It was because I found the article about a festival called "the day of the dead", 死者の日 in Japanese. It is a kind of Obon in Japan but the idea of death is far different from Japan, so I became interested in the ritual. In Mexico, "skulls" are thought to be symbols and they do not feel that skulls are scary. There are many skull goods in Mexico, especially in Oxhaca. I really love skull goods, and that's one of the reasons that I'm interested in Mexico.

Then what I thought for my studying abroad is to go to the place where I can go to Mexico easily. At first, I thought it would be good if I go directly to Mexico. However, I wasn't sure if I can make my life meanigful in Mexico without knowing Spanish and I wanted to master English. What I chose for my studying abroad was "New Mexico" in the U.S. Do you know where New Mexico is? I'm pretty sure only a few people know it. It is located southern part of the U.S and between Arizona and Texas. I heard that New Mexico is very unique state which is a fusion of Mexican and American culture. That's the point of my choice!!! How interesting it is!!
That's the place where I want to go.

Although I had hard time getting TOEFL score, I could finally get the score and now I'm here, in New Mexico!!
Most of the things are new to me, so I sometimes find it hard to get along with them. However I want to enjoy my stay in New Mexico and I want to attain my dream of going to Mexico so as to join the day of the dead.

Thank you
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