My sister 

August 03 [Fri], 2007, 0:04
had a suegical operation on ger right knee today.
i dont know haw to say her injury in English but its said as "Migizenjyuujijintaidannretsu" in Japanese.
After she gets better, she mustn't do sports at all for 8months.

i really see her bitterness of operation's pain because i had an operation when i was 9 years old. so, i can't help not seeing her face filled with much agony.

The home without my sister is not attractive for me and my motherso, today we stayed at the hospital for 12hours well it is sure that we go to see her everyday.haha....

what i really addicted to 

August 02 [Thu], 2007, 0:12
I found a fantastic tool in the beauty parlor
look the under picture.

This is an instrument to streighten hair with blowing. Ive known tools that streigten hair, but ive never used such one. Maybe u can't see the inside of this tool in this picture, however, it has brush inside it. Well, i really want to get this convenient tool now.

what i really addicted now is nailing look these.

The first one is now's nail. putting big crystal stones on the center of nail and adding very tiny gold bllions to surround a stone.
It took me about one and a haif hours......during the tests days.hahaha

The next one is the previous nail.
This design is dot, but i hated this model because it looks like murder...i should use lighter colors to illustrate dots. ill try this design in color such as blue, light blue and white again
One of my friends always said to me that this nail is not good

But how about this one?? 
This design is French. ive wanted to try uncommon color, so i used vivid yellow this time. This model had favorable receptions from many people
i think that this is easiest design but it was most popular.

i have some ideas of designs now, so im going to change one after another.
ill add pictures soon

what i really want best now 

July 24 [Tue], 2007, 3:34
look this!!!
this amazing doll is now very famous. u can't buy this one anywhere.
my friend took this for making me see how interesting this is.
it'S sure that u'll cry with joy to see him;elmo
i hope that someone gives me for my biryhday

about my part-time job part 2 

July 20 [Fri], 2007, 0:03
Every tuesday nights, I teach math to a girl. This is my another part-time job Comparing with job in the chopstick shop, i can do more freely in a work:tutor.

My student is second grade of junior high sch, and belongs to opera club, so, her hobby is the same as mine. during class we talk about not only mathematics, but also dance, songs and lovew

I'm sure that i am a best tutor coz while i can teach math or english or science, i also can offer students some interesting talks I really feel that this girl likes....loves me now. She wants enter Waseda univ.,so, i'm going to support her for her dream. I'm sorry that i won't able to continue because of studying abroad for a year, but after i'll come back, I'll try my best for her.
maybe I go to her performance of the club in school fes this fall.

Anyway, i enjoy my part-time jobs everyday

About my part-time job 

July 18 [Wed], 2007, 0:20
I'd like to talk about my part-time job, today.

i began to work in chopstick shops in Shinmarunouchibuilding, Tokyo midtown, and Ginza. It was a good luck for me that My friend introduced me to the owner of these shops. He always takes me to many delicious restaurants and this is one of my pleasures in working.

I came to get knowledges of chopsticks. There are chopstics and chopsticks. They are various in shapes, woods, coatings, gravities, and smells, so, i have to study much to sell. i still can't explain what customers want to know cuz I started this job in last month...but I always do my best with smiles

Also i can see many TV stars and celebrities When i notice them, my heart beats violency.w And i'd be happy if expensive one were sold. Now, this part-time job is main part of my living. Please come to shops if u were interested in.

Nice to meet you 

July 15 [Sun], 2007, 22:41
Nice to meet you

i'm going to renew frequently this page, so, i'd be happy if uguys check my page
and please comments or messages without constraint. i'm waiting for u!

So long
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Welcome to my page

I'm a sophompre in Waseda University and majoring in economics.

I love dancing, skiing, reading books, eating and shopping

This is my challenge to write blog in EnglishI'll try my best.
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