2006年01月23日(月) 16時26分
my sis in law gave birth to a cute little HEALTHY baby boy.... i level up to become auntie... oh man he's so cute but stupid doc cut his face accidently during op.... sob sob... heartache... lucky it seems baby heal fast and since he is a boy i guess even there would be a faint mark onli shows that he got character haha...

before he was born i wonder if i would be jealous of him for he is the biggest grandson but now i wonder if i myself would spoil him... how contradicting ya!!!

wanted to post the pic but phone not working well

welcoming me back 

2005年12月06日(火) 20時20分
it's been a really long time since i've written... a while ago was busy with 'A' levels now it's finally over, and now i busy with part time and driving tests... really excited.. i mean who wont thinking tt very soon i'll be able to drive around, so cool... dun hv to walk hahaha (lazy me!!)


2005年09月22日(木) 11時13分
It's been a really long time since i last entered and know what prelims over s by tml so good isnt it ... by the worst has yet to come... "A"s .... practically exam sucks big time and is impractical... many got exam fright and flunk the test and there goes their life.. so stupid is it...



2005年08月23日(火) 22時27分
So shit la the black lizard i chase away the last time is back for more action... WAT AM I TO DO!!!!!! Cried my heart and soul out cos no one to save me..... no one home except my 3rd bro tt only know how to laugh at me... it sucks big time.... BIG TIME i say... eyes becoming swollen.. DARN IT!!!


2005年08月21日(日) 0時21分
todae at dinner heard one of my uncle die of sucide... he have had cancer ... cant cure.... this uncle not very close butwhen i heard he followed the footstep of his father, i was shocked. his father died near new year he die during the chinse seventh mth... eeeek creepy and sad.... wat is life gonna be like for me if i am like him... down with terminal cancer, knowing i going to die soon

Now and then... 

2005年07月11日(月) 20時20分
Now and then the com breaks down really sad cos my contacts and favourites keep disappeaing after crashes... but i guess there's nth i can do abt it. juz pray for the better... A's cuming... but my grades still sucks like ever... wonder what is going to happen to me.... starting to get coo coo a while happy a while sad sometimes even i dun know how actually am i feeling... i can only pray for the better... TT"S ALL

heart-pumping dream 

2005年06月24日(金) 13時55分
juz woke up from a dream. the dream go like tt: i was search for this guy u should know he is HUO JIAN HUA. dun know y... i tink in the dream he go missing so i very anxious to find him... i find the whole neighbourhood cant find.. finally i got hm. my ma prepare food for me. i tell me ma i gotta find him... i trying the opposite corner house where he was last seen. then sth strange happen i like he HUO JIAN HUA walk down the stair of my house then went back up ... very fast. juz catch a glance. then i turn to look at me ma, she very scared like hiding things frm me.she turned and went into kitchen so i decided to go upstr to check i out the first door.... behind the door is 4 beds with ppl sleeping in it cos it is abt 5/6 am i tink some ppl like also actors.. but tt is not the main thing. the second door i open got no one in it onli my bro army clothes on my aunt's bed. then i realise this nv seen before door.. i open and i see a fatty... the one in the show on one bed and HUO JIAN HUA lying on another bed. (this rm the arrangement like my bro's old rm arrangment). ANgry i was, i demand he answer my qns... then still angry i decide to pack my bag and move out to jr place. then HUO JIAN HUA and me ma ask me why. i say i cant believe my own ma lie to me; hiding his whereabt.


2005年06月18日(土) 2時04分
Today went out with the gals to celebrate jr birthdae... got song yi, peishan, jr and me.... actually also got wanting one but she out us pigeon. first i went to jr house then she put make-up and make my hair for me... then go songyi house with jr but cos the make-up become strange strange one so went to wash and song yi do for me again... even got to wear song yi's clothes cos she say nicer.. ... then we meet peishan Raffles eat crepes... then we wanted to go clubbing but cant find the place ending up in a restaurant pub like place and eat and dink neutral gin... taste like lime soda water... but is 10 times better than the beer we brought after tt.. it SUCKS... i think i'll never drink beer again... then go home tt time ... when at serangoon... peishan feel so sick. she become all red.. head to toe... haha... so i sent her home then i go home by cab... realise there is no extra charge till 12nn... and i think after 9 is normal price... haha


2005年06月16日(木) 1時56分
went to get my first ear holes pain mannnnnnnn.............


2005年06月07日(火) 21時35分
Todae papa tell me maybe can go HK with my cousin's family... then i'm free there no papa no mama... maybe with jr, but now i juz pray its not a joke cos i have been given too much hope before but they nv happen............
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