Heroes of the Storm Junkrat has very limited and fiddly escape options

May 15 [Wed], 2019, 17:36
Heroes of the Storm playing around with character builds is the best way to discover new aspect of a particular hero. I didn’t think of LiLi as anything other than a healer, for instance, until I focused on developing her offensive abilities and found that she can actually do some damage as well. Switching things up like this isn’t just a matter of personal preference, it also makes you a more valuable member of any team since you can use HotS Boosting effectively in a number of different situations. Be especially careful, however, when facing stealth or dive heroes. Staying too far back from your team against these opponents or getting caught with your trait active gives them the chance to eliminate you in isolation. Ana has zero ways to escape outside of her sleep dart, an unreliable ability with a significant cooldown that’s tricky to hit

Heroes of the Storm Junkrat has very limited and fiddly escape options, so having your Concussion Mine and Steel Trap already down in case an opponent tries to dive or gank you is vital. Look for bushes and choke points where you can catch an enemy in a Steel Trap unawares or block their route to flank you. In some cases you can use this to turn a fight in your favour if you have some backup, as Junkrat isn’t the greatest one-on-one fighter. In most cases it’s better to back off and bounce a few cheeky frag grenades off their head as you retreat to safety.

This may sound obvious, but it’s worth doing a little bit of investigation in the game Training Mode and in the shop, where you have the option of trying out a Hero before you buy it to learn about the different heroes and their different strengths and weaknesses. Simply picking a character you like the look of and then blundering into a match won’t help much. In fact, it’ll frustrate both you, because you won’t get the most out of your Heroes of the Storm match and your teammates, because you won’t be able to help them properly. Standard MOBA stuff, but it’s all the more important to keep track of how popular builds are developing in Heroes since the game is so new. Doing a google search for a character build guide will pull up a ton of results to give you ideas for how to use them in game. Heroes of the Storm Boost is a particularly good resource, as it’s becoming a hub for the main builds in the game’s evolving meta.

Heroes of the Storm Ana is very effective at shutting down enemy healers with her Biotic Grenade, especially in the current dual-support and hyper carry meta. If your opponents are looking at running the likes of Auriel or Rehgar, then you can completely negate high energy Ray of Hope spells and a hero saving Ancestral Healing with a well timed Biotic Grenade. You can also lob the grenade at a Valla or Gul’Dan to help your team focus down the carry.
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