do my best 

2004年10月20日(水) 19時45分
i must do my result is so bad...............
i am so sad....ケBーハヲPナェョムウ」ュアogaァレ.......

ps.......キナョムァa~~i will do my best.


2004年10月17日(日) 23時55分



p.s 11、?15、鯡\ヲaクワ・hヲ隹^bbq!!ウ」ヲnァr!ァニア讌hィ?ウ?.haha!!

13:15 n 7:15 

2004年10月15日(金) 23時07分

is a unhappy day! 

2004年10月14日(木) 20時23分
volleyball...........i give ppl noisy me.unhappy law....that is not
my wrong...yip sum sum say sorry to me.beacuse that wrong thing
is not only my wrong.that ppl don't know and she noisy me..

OK!!i say sorry to u ......
today is bad day.....but i not care.


2004年10月13日(水) 20時17分
today the frist lesson is geog.i talk to classmate.although i don't
listen to the teacher,i so scary to the exam.then it 'z talk
about"flower chiu".then rest.after that we have eng lesson,YEAH!it is
listening no need to answer the qustions.haha~~

after lunch is maths,i sleep...........but sit after me that ppl is so
funny.i always laugh with him.he don't like so fong too.and help her
to take a new name.

then is oral lesson .miss tong.she is so funny too.she can talk a few
cantonese (fries rice ,fries noodles)she say in cantonese what is
fries car''haha~beause it means car accident.
ok!!i can go home.

today is the frist day!! 

2004年10月12日(火) 23時58分
today is very boring day.always listen to the teacher and answer the question.
frist,is chinese history ,,,,,,is fuck boring........always she says and we listen don't give us take a rest.And then is econ,i don'r understand econ,and big L don't teach me.YEAH!!have a rest for30 mins,i give turkey a present(is a pair of shoes It'z mickey )i think she don't like it very much.><(that $60)OH~~

after have rest,is english lesson.....> after lunch,is clit.the teacher call me wong sze ki.i don't know answer her or not.i Zzzzzzzzzzz~~and then is maths.i don't listen for him.because i think he teach so ................i don't understand maths,it so difficlt.

at 3"30,cannot go to home class have a QUIZ.chin.history.i hope i can take a "half result".
PS:i don't like big l ....she always talk to boy.don't answer to me.i hate her and she has a bad smelt.
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