I Live On and My Mama's Stuck in the Shower! 

2005年04月19日(火) 12時21分
Well, I'm still alive, which rocks, haha. Only problem now, is I think that guy thinks were buddies...which we're not Argh...I feel bad but I really don't want to get involved with people that are so messed up anymore...especially guys. I'm so selfish and self-centered...
I watched the Yellow Submarine movie, which was utterly awsome and quite colorful. Definately a tweeker movie, lol. Jody and I watched it and were completely mezmerized by the Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds scene. The most beautiful and my favorite part
Haha, just a little bit ago, it was the funniest thing, I heard this yelling coming from upstairs and I couldn't figure out what it was so I decided to go up there and check it out. My mom got stuck in the shower while she was cleaning it...the glass doors got stuck shut while she was in there. That was a great laugh...
I wanna play Perfect Dark. Great game. But I have homework , so I should go...

My Last Day...? 

2005年04月14日(木) 10時40分
Well then... boom! aaah! *tweeking out*
I just wrote a whole big thing on this and it got deleted which sucks. So it better work this time
You know, it's kinda weird to think that maybe today could be the last day I'm alive, along with some of my closest friends. It's just a little crazy... I dun really wanna die...I mean, it probably won't happen tomorrow, but it's still back there in my mind, ya know? School shootings are kinda bad.......and so are mentally disturbed people...
Um...what the hell is this thing: ...... It confuses me and looks funny.
I get to watch the yellow submarine movie! I'm so excited! Yay
Well, I guess that's all.
Today was The Day of Silence and mom is a homophobic bitch......

You'll Succeed At Last! 

2005年04月06日(水) 14時44分
Wow...I finally did it! It took me a while because I can't read 99% of Japanese...but after much hard work, I did it!...
Well, then this is the third time that I've had to write this because the computer keeps freezing...but that's ok I guess... I really like this blog. It's so pretty.
Hmm, should I indulge myself in another moment of vainty to upload a random current picture of myself? Yes!
I guess that's all...
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