June 09 [Wed], 2010, 20:40

yesterday i was in the cinema~

i look "prince of persia"

this film is so good!!

i like the stunts very much (* O *)!

and today.. (;___;)

(;_____; )... ( >____< ).... ( * u *)!!

today i have found ruchi XDD

i´m very very happy!!! XD

thank you for the attention >D

nonsensical entry XDD 

June 08 [Tue], 2010, 3:46
sometimes, i hate school (T____T)°

but i think it is normal~

and it is not for long >3


beautyful summer 

June 07 [Mon], 2010, 21:29
it is so wunderful~

and I had a picnic (* 0 *)

it was really great~
(a little bit hot... but great~)

and now, i have freetime~

at least a little |D

and the time I will use ;]


June 05 [Sat], 2010, 3:33
oh my god!

sun, warm and good mood!!

all is so great at the moment!

i love it!

i go shopping~

and i eat ice... many ice~
and anything like milkshake XDD

thank for that frappuccino!

i enjoy the weather ヽ( * ³ * )ノ

= tuesday = 

June 01 [Tue], 2010, 22:16

my school ends~

my days are short~

and every day rain (T_____ T °)...

but i have fun |D

Iron Man 2, Marvel, Movie

superb ~~~♪

// shock // 

May 30 [Sun], 2010, 22:49
saturday was very interessting XD

i bought two girl-shirts...

and myself looked like a girl, too XDDD

on friday i eat sushi with jessa~ ( * 0 * )!!

finally!! thank ya~ (๑^ o ^๑)~

that day was great too!! ;3

that was all (・ิз・ิ)

00 day after day 00 

May 28 [Fri], 2010, 18:39
it is so much ( T____T )

but i´m ready!

my art-project is finish~

later i take photos XDD

the project was so funny~

i like my paperbag XDD

my new handy |D
i want a new look ( O___o°)


May 25 [Tue], 2010, 20:23
four free days~

and i have eaten so much on the days XDD

there were always grill meat (°O___o)

but it was great~

one birthday, one small celebration and two meetings with friends on the days~

i like it so much ~

i want more fun! ~

i want to go to japan!! |DD

aaaaand i need more clothes~

i need more variety in the wardrobe ( ;___; )...

:: my days :: 

May 20 [Thu], 2010, 1:42
this week is so strange!!

perhaps because they are the last days??

i don´t know!! ( ̄ー ̄;).....

it is so delicious~
these are all varieties~ XDD

and i hate the weather..

where is the sun?? and warm?? (´O`)??

i can no see anymore rain!!!
or cold weather!!

my song today: miyavi - itoshii hito

°hurray ° 

May 16 [Sun], 2010, 17:48
my long weekend was great!

i met jenni on friday and we went shoppen~

on saturday was an event~

there i met a lot of people :D

but.. the room where the meeting was, was not so good.

it was cold and it rains through the windows.

sometimes i felt like an reptile, because the room was like an aquarium XDD

but the most of time i worked in the kitchen XD

so i was distracted ;D

but i missed my friends kana and tora ( ;__; )
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