October 14 [Sun], 2007, 20:31

I got a new haircut yesterday
I like it really much
Before, my hair was tot long
I hope I can dye it today because
I bought a hair colour called
"cinnamon" yesterday & it sounds
really pretty

バイバイ, baby

x x x 

October 03 [Wed], 2007, 21:27

For my yumipyonpon
I love u <3<3


October 01 [Mon], 2007, 2:50


September 06 [Thu], 2007, 19:08
I'm back from Egypt
It was wonderful there, tough I missed my friends very much But now I'm glad to be home
The wheather here is really bad, but I like the rain And because it's cold, I can wear scarfs again! I love them so much AND I CAN HAVE TEA ALL THE TIME! So deliciousss And now it's only two months until my birthday! Haha I love my brithdays

kisses and love


August 09 [Thu], 2007, 0:20
It's always something wonderful when I realizie how much I love AILE. Their new PV is just cute and funny!
From their new single Pretty Vacation -夏- I like "Pretty Vacation -夏-" best, too Tough "Endless Sorrow" is really beautiful, too
I hope they become famous soon & make more PVs


July 26 [Thu], 2007, 2:46
Soory, I was lazy those days and didn't wrote anything
School is nearly over, guys!
Just two days left but I'm a bit afraid of my school year report
Tough I'll get Cs at Physics and Latin which is more then good for me
And on Friday I'll drive to Bonn to see Miyavi on Sunday I'm so excited! But it will be GREAT!
At least, I hope so

Today I was at a fitness center the first time it was hard but so much fun, too! Maybe I should do more sports.
but I won't do so. .

I love u

✘ three 

July 10 [Tue], 2007, 2:56

Now, all the big tests are over
Tomorrow school is over after the 5th hour and I just have to learn for Geography that day because we'll write a little test! But I don't have any important lessons else
The weekend was quite boring but I decided Saturday evening to go to Marlene and that was quite funny
We took a walk through her neighbourhood and talked and read old teen-magazines
And on Sunday I just learned
But I got some tests back, too
Latin little test: C /3 ( I tought I failed )
Physics big test: C /3 ( I tought I failed again But I became clever :D )

That's it!


t w o ! 

July 06 [Fri], 2007, 3:25
Maybe I really get it to write everyday at least nearly
every day? But I'm sure I won't. . .
awwie my stomage hurts so much
Hate itt
Wellllll! I saw this wonderful rainbow yesterday & it made my day I absolutly love them ( * __ *)/wheee
Next dates:
Friday or Monday: English report
Monday: Big French test
Tuesday: geography test
Wish me good Luck!


O N E ! ! ! 

July 05 [Thu], 2007, 4:25
Hello! Finally I got a yaplog again
Thanks to Carlos-chan
I'll use now this one as a photo diary
I'll try to use it as often as possible
Maybe it works
Well, school is over soon & I'am absolutly looking forward to my vacations
First I'll drive to Bonn to see Miyavi live and meet friends, then I'm at home some days and then I'll fly to Eyptian
And then... I'll just stay at home and meet friends
I'm going to sleep now
Too much trouble these days
And I have to do my homework Lazy me.

Kisses to everyone nyannyan!
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