2006年05月16日(火) 15時06分
today(14th) was the mother's day!!!!
we went to restaurant and ate some Italian food***
after that, i had a headache and i slept over..
hehehe heck dying...
but i gave to my host mom the groves for garden**
i thought that was good idea***

pics from PROM no.2 

2006年05月15日(月) 9時10分

my date**chris vV

Lara, Kristen, Krissy, CJ and me**

Rachel, Lauren, me, Teca, Suzane, and Linnea**
Linnea looked so diffeent!!!!! i couldn't recognize her!!!!!

pics from PROM 

2006年05月15日(月) 8時51分

make up makes people chaaaaaaange***lol

it's like a double marriage**lol

we were 15 of us**

in front of the LIMO**

In the Limo


2006年05月15日(月) 8時29分
there was a prom on saturday,13th of may.
OMG, i was soooooooo excited about it and i couldn't sleep at all yesterday night.
i started to prepare so early cuz' i get nervous so easily.
Chris was suppoed to pick me up at4:30 but i finished to prepare like 3 o' it's better than being late**
Anyway, he came to pick me up with convertible car!!(open car ne)that looked sooooooooo coooooooool!!!!!!
we didn't open cuz' chris cared about my hair (oh, how sweet vV)
though, that was absolutely cool experience.
And we went to Ericka's house and took tons of pictures!!!
that was sweeet** my dress was white so everyone was saying like it's like getting
hahaha nnnnnnnnnnnnnnice*lol
we took a limo from her house and we went to eat Italian.
(american high schoolar likes
that was nice retaurant for sure.
after that we went to prom place.
that was absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
everythins was sweeeeeeeetvV
we took a pic with Mr Korell at first and we went to dance!!!!!
OMG it is so fun** i love dancing*****
and... there was so many slow dance...
that was happy and romantic times...
we had a so much fun yeah so much fun*****
after prom we were gonna go to party but chris looked tired,
i was tired, so we didn't go to party and just went to home.
that was maybe correct. i didn't want him to be tired anymore.
we just came to my house and showed my room**
that was like a little bit
anyway at last, we walked to gate together and
i gave him kiss** but that was of course on his cheek.
chotto mottaibucchatta kana-----??!w
ma---- sonnani yasu uri ha shimasenyo-----****
im still Japanese that way**lol
anyway, my first and last prom is over...
i wish i was an AMERICAn...

stomachache, happy, tired.... 

2006年05月15日(月) 8時15分
i had a diarrhea like 3times in the night to the morning...
i woke up tons of time and went to the bathroom...
that was like a hell.
of course i didn't go to school but i didn't wanna miss spanish class anymore and i hadn't got ticket for prom yet,
i dicided to go to school.
i went there from lunch time and i met chris then**
he already had got my ticket and gave me some memorial cards.
that was sweeeeeeet**
that happening made me happy.
you are amazing chris!! lol
after school ASP people and i went to Magnoria.
there was a dance for 7th and 8th graders.
we went there for preparing some decorations.
but i had a apointment for my nail (becaouse of prom!!)
so i went there and i did tanning too...hehehe
my nail is all cute and it looked awesome**
after that i went back to magnoria and was watching their dancing. that was so cute...
they were trying to do slow dance...w
there was a rule like "u have to stay away 12inches from the gender against u"
isn't that cute??!lol so we had a ruler and scared them.
that was quite funny.
i was watching and imagining about prom the next day....
i was so excited about prom**

shoping with linnea 

2006年05月11日(木) 10時38分
after school, i was hunging out with linnea.
we went to longs together and got some make up stuff for prom.
im just gonna make up my face by myself because i don't wanna be like a im gonna put fundation on my skin!!
isn't is weird??! i haven't done that before!!
oh actually makes my skin more clear** oh wao, that's good** but if i think about my skin, i don't like to put something on my skin u know... just for prom**
and then, we went to coffee roaster and got smoothie** that was freakin' delicious**
anyways we had a so much fun**
linnea works in longs, so i saved 15dollars!! thaks linnea**
thank you for your kindness**

Linnea's birthday** 

2006年05月11日(木) 10時27分
Today, that was linnea's birthday vV
we were at school until 4th period and we plyed hucky**
we went to Roseville and we went to Olive Garden to eat.
that is Italian restaurant and we eat so much**
oh god... im gonna get weight
and after that, we went to ice skating.
that was almost my first experience.
i've been to ice skating in my 4th grade.
but that was like nothing sothat was my first experience
to do ice skating.
that was so much fun and actually i was quite good**
i have to go again!!!!!!!

the result of tennis 

2006年05月11日(木) 10時16分
i just finished my tennis season.
i played doubles with Kathey and we played so well.
the first game, vs West campus...10-1...warming up??
the second game, vs Oakmont...10-1...warming up??
the third game, vs COLFAX!!!!! 7-10...the last game of the year.
that was actually the last game of my tennis life.
and that was my best game ever.
i played net game so well like i was just like not me.
at the practice, ive never been good at doubles.
but that was awesome...yeah, i can say to myself too.
we almost beat colfax!!!! evil colfax...!!!!!
but i was so glad to play with Kathey...
i love tennis guys...


10 pounds!!!! 

2006年05月05日(金) 9時18分
since i came here, i gained like 15pounds!! (which is like 6 or 7 kilograms...)
that made me depressed...yeah, i hurted
u know how i feel?? i was just like OMG!! i can't walk right next to my friends...(my friends are all SKINNY!!!! Damn cuties!!lol)
but!! i got on the scale at magnoria yesterday, the scale let me know what i lost 10 pounds from last week.
u know why?? hell yeah, i played 4games constantly...
that is whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!
that week was killing me so bad, like i went to bed at like 8:30 every
and then i found out like i lost 10 pounds...
that was really impessive**

today i went to Roseville and played tennis singles tournament.
the first game, that was not bad. that was like 6-1, 6-1.
u know, that was just warming up.
BUT the second game, that was the most damn game ive ever seen...
Gosh, i made big misstake at the first set.
i should have been more offensive.
yeah, that was the biggest mistake.
i wanted to play with Joan Nishimura so much....
i hope u will beat colfax girl this time.
anyway, im gonna play doubles tournament with Kathey tomorrow.
we will win for sure!!
ill beat u!! i mean come on!!!!

let's go BRUINS!!!! 

2006年05月04日(木) 12時56分
today, it was really really normal day... we just spend the normal time...
at the lunch time, the Dance students performed some dance. that was damn beautiful** at that time, Landon Savoie was acting like he likes me...annoying,lol
suzane likes him, please don't do that!! i don't wanna lose my friends!!

at the tennis practice which was last practice of the year there was like no people... starting line up was like only 4 people included me. that was damn, but that was damn fun** Andrew and me were doubles pair, that was such a stupid actually that was good though. Andrew, ur my funniest person**

After practice, i went to magnoria and watched kirsten's ASP practice. that was quite funny. they were pretty crazy though, made me happy. i hope theyre gonna win the competition. good luck guuuuys**

after the dinner, Nibbs came over to my house. i haven't see Jeffrey like forever, and then i saw him today though, i didn't feel any thing. i mean, my romantic feeling for him is all gone. damn.... that was pretty fun though.

wut i wanna say is that i can communicate with boys with like very good friends. why can't i act like real me in front of chris... this is so weird... i like him so much, but it is not so fun to be with him. it makes me tired. To be with random guys is much funnier and so much fun. this is weird... why do i like him??
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