No time >.< 

April 28 [Mon], 2008, 4:43
Hello there

At the moment I have not much time -.-
I'm working and working and working a lot
Last friday I had one day free ^^
So I went to Duesseldorf with some friends and took pictures and so on ^^
It was really funny ^^
I'm sad Its allready over ;_;
So here is one pic I took with my Tsu-chan <3

Tsu-chan on the left, me on the right <3

So tomorrow I have to go to work again <.< and I don't want >.<

New Color *_* 

April 09 [Wed], 2008, 6:13

Yeay I dyed my hair *_*

Contopia and so on... 

March 31 [Mon], 2008, 5:13
Today I went with Kurishi to Contopia in Wuppertal.
But it was very boring there. The most people were in Cologne, there was the first "harajuku-day". We wanted to go there, too, but we had no money.
So... Like I said before, Contopia was very boring. I saw only 3 people I know. So Kurishi and me leaved it less than an hour after we arrived.
We decided to take pictures in the japanese garden in duesseldorf, but the weather turns into rainy weather, so we took some pics on the main station in duesseldorf xDDD
After that we went home xDDDD

distraught Dio overlord in Europe *_* 

March 25 [Tue], 2008, 6:08

I was not posting a new entry for a long time. I'm sorry ^^°

Its over one week ago when I saw Dio live. I don't want to believe its over now. Before the concerts I allways thought the time won't go by, and now? Its over...

I went to Berlin (Germany), Cologne (Germany) and Brussel (Belgium)
I've never seen such a great live band before. It was really amazing.

The first time was in Berlin, where I went with my good friend kurishi. When we arrived at 4pm we were very surprised because there were maybe only 20 people at this time. It was cold and windy while we were waiting. But the people we met were very nice. But we were so happy when we finally could go inside ^^
Inside, there was first a signing session. I was so exited because Dio is my favorite band. But while the session I turned into normal again xDDD
I had the chance to give Mikaru my fanart I drawed of him. It seems that he liked it ^^
So...after bying merchandise we went in front of the stage. But it took so long until the concert began -.-
But when the concert finally started it was only amazing. These aura of all the members were great.

So after we arrived home at 12am at the next day we had to sleep xD
One day after we came home we were going to cologne with Suki and AnPan.
He had problems to find the hall but we finally arrived in time ^^
I met some friends before but it was very cold ^^
The concert were great, too. But the fans -.- I stood in the second line at the beginning... and because of one f***ing guy I had to go back after only 3 songs... It was so hard ._. because after that I coulnd't see anything (I am only 1,59m -.-)
After the concert we were waiting with some friends in front of the hall. And we were lucky ^^ Mikaru, Denka and Erina gave autographs to us and were very nice. After that I was happy again xDDDD

Another day after we suddenly went to brussel. It was not planned so we were a little late and arrived when the concert has allready begun. But it was great, too. So I am really happy to went with my best friend, AnPan and Verena there.
We arrived home in the early morning. I was happy to go to bed xD

After all... i became sick x___X I'm happy to become healthy again. I have to work tomorrow xDDDDDD

Back from France ^-^ 

February 25 [Mon], 2008, 21:16

Now I am back from France.
I went to a friend of me on friday. On saturday morning Kurishi, AnPan and me started our trip to Strasbourg for the "Japan Addict".
But I have to say... the convention by itself was very boring. Like the Cosplayer presented theirselfs, it was not very special. In Germany they do much more... There was also not very much to see or buy.
Later in the evening there was a japanese band called "pistol valve", but its not really kind of music I like... It sounded like they were raping their instruments... I thought my ears will die x___X
So we were waiting in front of the "hall" until Closer started to play.
They were really amazing. I enjoyed their live very much ^-^
These guys are really nice (and fucking crazy x___X)
Hope, to see them again very soon ^^
You guys rock!!!

Happy new year ^^ 

January 02 [Wed], 2008, 7:25

Our new year party was so funny, but i was very very drunken ^////^
But the day was really good ^^
First, Anna, Kurishi, Aku and me took some pics ^^

Then Anne and Jerome, a french friend of Anne, came at 10pm
We started to drink... me too much xDDD
But I was really happy to be with them, it was a very nice day ^^

So...enough from me ^^ I should make an entry more often xD then i don't have to write so much xD

J-Invasion Episode 1 

January 02 [Wed], 2008, 7:23

3 Days ago I went with friends to the J-Invasion to colonge. I just wantet to see Screw sooooo much, because I love them so much.
They were really amazing, but the show was too short ._.
Sadly only 30 minutes or else.
Byou was soooo hot ^////^
And then it seemed like he was smiling at me while the interview *_* and that only because my best friend raised me up.
I am so happy about this <3
But SuG, Kra, Alice nine and Kagrra, were very very good, too ^^
Takeru was really cute xD He said his name is Naruto xD It was so funny ^^

But I hope, Screw will give an one man live in germany someday. It would be sooo great <3

Dio in germany!!!!!!!! <3 

January 02 [Wed], 2008, 6:34
It's a while ago since my last entry ^^"
I am so sorry ^^
Since then, many things happened.

I've got this pic from Mikarus blog. It's love <3
On 18th december i heard that Dio will come to germany. It's like a dream will come true *___*
Dio is my absolutly favorite Band and I love Mikaru's voice soooo much. I can't believe that I really will see them <333

Girugamesh live <3 

September 17 [Mon], 2007, 20:41
Saturday I went to berlin to see girugamesh live in concert *___*

They were soooo amazing *__*
Hope I'll see them again *_*

Girugamesh rocks <3

Boring >.< 

September 08 [Sat], 2007, 2:22
Hello again ^^

It's been a while since my last post .__.

This is the latest picture of me (^.^)
(yeah I know I'm ugly)

Yesterday I saw the first live DVD of my favorite band Dio (*____*)

It's sooooo cool *___*
Mikaru's voice is really amazing ^-^

yeah, what shall I say??

Baibai ^^

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