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February 17 [Sun], 2019, 6:00


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Julia Roberts pretending to be, well, Julia Roberts was the downer for me in this film. The first was more real -- this one was too fictitious and far reaching..
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Will not change much... the uneducated will continue being uneducated.

Great, here's a movie in which women get to be sociopaths who have no interest in anything but their need for more.more of everything Trump values.Way to go socially conscious Hollywood.Clooney is hardly a role model, a Clinton backer who cares as much for the little guy as she does.His wife is the fashionista of Human Rights always looking for the camera..


Staring at a wall for 1 hour and 51 minutes would be more enjoyable than watching one second of this feminist propaganda film pretending to be good entertainment.

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I wont even pirate this movie


why does my movie look darker tone like a filter on my screen but this trailer theres no color grading

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when is this screening on the Sunshine Coast QLD?

how can a franchise under utilise Julia Roberts,Casey Affleck and Don Cheadle with the level of talent they possess

Man, I cant wait for the all female cast Saving Private Ryan!

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all the ocean's movies are some of the best movies i know!


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hey guys 4 dislikes right? so 4 people dont like oceans BUT the oceans arent love this 4 people too LOL!
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So they fake the jewels, swap them out and get the real one and make out like the sneaky, cheeky, strong, female characters they are. Well I nailed it, now I don't have to watch it. Come up with something original for entertainment not a movement. 🖕.

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Great energy! We look forward to the messaging that will hopefully change the course of our plastic consumption for our own good..
Rihanna barely talked in the movie, and there wasn't much jokes, they should have filmed them talking with each other more...
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Q. How do you plant dope? A. Bury a feminist.
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A complusory film to watch in schools


The Art of the Game.

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The Wonder Woman movie proved that you can make an original idea with women leads and it’ll be successful. Make a good movie and people will watch, regardless of gender. Doing these spin offs or remakes from male driven leads seems a disservice to women. It’s like you’re saying they can’t be successful with original ideas for them. I think this is really the opposite of empowering women honestly..

Up next Sandy Bollocks Bullock as MJ in The Micheal Jackson story 😱

Ocean's 8 is coming

It's shocking...but this shock is all brought by each one of us. And it will have its repurcutions




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