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Lots of Love! 

July 26 [Sat], 2008, 1:35
There's like so many things i want to blog about!!
but i definitely know where to start, and that will be...

Hana Yori Dango!!

OMG excited
i'm not sure if i posted about Hana Yori Dango Final yet, but just found out today that it's confirmed!
Cathay will air it on 4th September!!!!!!!
<33 love Cathay to bitsssss
checked these two website to double confirm!
Yahoo Movies Singapore
Cathay Cineplexes
i'm so gonna catch it on 4th sept!
advance book it and choose the best sit! muahahaha!

next will be HYD VCDs!
this is the 1st product ever that i bought online!
seriously, i dont even do online shopping, not even ebay or anything like that.
but because HYD 1 cannot be found anywhere in singapore (Poh Kim only has season 2) i decided to purchase it from Yesasia
and it's surprisingly cheaper than Poh Kim! 2 box set cost less than 60 bucks!!
i was quite excited knowing that it's {メール}shipped alrdy, though it has yet to arrive at my door step >.<
i was actually telling arvin i bought the VCDs and he called me mad...
well, i actually finish watching it online but the drama is too nice to not own the VCD!
so i was using this analogy to explain myself~
you see, when you're in love you don't just want to see the person everyday and just admire him/her right?
you do want to own her and make him/her yours right?
seriously how many of us are satisfied just looking from afar?!
thus, i justified myself for buying the VCDs

and now some quotes from HYD that will sure to make you smile if you watched it.

Scene 1
Domyouji: when i heard you were in the hospital i had to use my NBA to run to the hospital
Makino: nba??
Domyouji: you know genes genes!
Makino: oh you mean DNA

Scene 2
rescuer- are u alright??
Tsukasa-who the hell are you guys? dont come barging in here!
rescuer- werent u in danger??
Tsukasa- uh, u're right (he wants to say 'danger')
Tsukushi- huh? that so lame! uh, i dont know this guy
Tsukasa- hey Makino, why would u say that,my "sweat" honey
Tsukushi- u mean sweet honey! u even suck at pronouncing english words
Tsukasa- stupid, english is just a bunch of words. who cares if u r strong or weak at it. go read a book
Tsukushi- there he goes again!
rescuer- what the heck were these kids doing?

and of course makino's fav line!
"Arienaiiii tsunooo"

ahh miss HYD all over again!
Alright moving on from HYd...

the day before yesterday went KTV with loy, ro, Mg and his friends...

loy and ro
my pic with them was kinda blured but will update in mxi though...
before that me and loy was shopping at AMK hub
and at fairprice Xtra we spotted this...
i cant help but take a pic of it after grabbing 4 packets off it.
best chips around!!
ro actually liked it too but not loy...
bought some stuff to add to my colletion too^^

this is actually candy
and is surprisingly nice! watermelon flavor ^^

this taste good too!

don't really like this, but the packaging is cute though ^^

i've created another acct in CR 'mecindy' sounds too non-anonymous
not that it's a bad thing, but i felt rather uncomfortable using it.
so new ID is Risar.
not sure if i've mentioned it before,
but sonrisa(pronounced as s-orn-ri-sa) means smile in Spanish
and i like how Risa can be a name too =]
so all my fav movie/dramas can be found there.

Quotes from dramas

Funny ones
01-Nice men are ugly
02-Handsome men are not nice
03-Handsome and nice men are married
04-Handsome, nice and unmarried men are useless
05-Handsome, nice, unmarried and rich men are not interested in us
06-Handsome, nice, unmarried, rich men who are interested in us are players
07-Handsome, nice, unmarried, rich men who are interested in us and faithful are homosexuals
10-Handsome, nice, unmarried, rich men who are interested in us, faithful, straight and who would not lose interest in us even if we made the first moves - those men must have problems!

-My Name is Kim SamSoon

Just go north, from the point where we split up.
NO! not to the left!
To the righttt, the direction of the hand you eat with!
You're left-handed?
Go fuck yourself...

- Legend of seven cutter

kenzo: i want to change seat
teacher: didn't you just changed seat?
kenzo: i never thought my eyesight would get so bad, sensei from here, you look like tom cruise
teacher: your eyesight is perfectly fine

- Prodai

Romantic ones
From the first moment i laid eyes on you I've never wavered in wanting you
- Forbidden Love
(read this a second time and you might like it more^^)

Love is like handing someone a gun
Having it pointed at your heart
and asking them to never pull the trigger

- unknown
i found this in forum and was like "omg that's a damn good analogy!!"

The body ask the heart:
If I am in pain the doctor will cure me, but if you are in pain, who is going to cure you?
The heart replies:
only I can cure myself.
Maybe that is why, every person has their own way of healing the pain in their hearts.
Drink, sing, throw a tantrum, cry, laugh, talk to a friend, travel, run a marathon.
The worst thing to do is to ignore the pain in the heart.

-My Name is Kim SamSoon

In the game of love, the one who loves less is always at an advantage

- Shin Dong Wook, Soulmate
i totally agree!
omg Soulmate is a good drama! they have quite alot of these kinda quotes ^^

and to think i still wonder why i love watching dramas <3
ohh and i found the best phrase to use when your friends fall out of love:

Although this winter will be very cold and scary, winter is not the end of the seasons, but the beginning of the hope for a greater love.- snow queen

i like the idea of how it's 'the beginning of the hope for a greater love'{ラブラブ}

last but not least...
<太>Kubozuka Yosuke



gosh. i liked him ever since i saw IWGP




perhaps at first i simply like the character he acted as: Takashi Andoh
but after watching more shows namely:


Ping Pong, (he's the one on the left^^)



Long Love Letter

i doubted it's just Takashi that i like.
ha. than i went on to find out more about him...
his character etc. and mygod.
i think i fell in love! wahahaha
too exaggerating... but oh well, he is love! <3

you know how people always say good guys finishes last?
i think so too!
well for me i would want to date bad boys like Yosuke who beats up paparazi, spoke in favour of drugs, and dresses in a way that always betrays the rebellious child inside of him
BUT i will want to marry good guys like the geek that only knows how to work and achieve goals, anti-clubbing, anti-smoking, agree with you and who will do anything for you

yup so back to Yosuke!
here's some extract from Ore-Sama whom i totally share her views!

I noticed him as Takashi Andoh and immediately fell in love
I like the kind of guy most mothers wouldn't want their daughters to like.
A bit crazy, a big bit silly, funny, cute, sensitive, and equipped with rather restless fists, a bit of a crybaby, a bit of a psychopath, I love that.
When I read all that about Yosuke being vulgar, violent, impulsive and so on, it didn't shock me at all, it only made me like him even more.


The picture above just shows his... uniqueness?
His hair is a mess and he's having trouble standing straight and making a decent impression.
Plus, check out the skull on his tie
Look at the other 2 people, they naturally fit in to the sophisticated environment.
He won't in a 100 years

Below is an extract from 20 (written by Yosuke Kubozuka, translated by her):


I’m unique in this world.
This can never change.
I won’t allow it to change.
From cradle to the grave,
Not letting go for a single moment,
Always by my side
Without betrayal.
I will not betray myself.

love how he will 'not betray himself'
perhaps that explains why he happily spoke in favor of drugs and worn t-shirts printed with obscenities towards the media while appearing on screen.

And damn, his expressions!


His grins are hilarious, and he always kinda opens his mouth further than he needs to.
He's very fidgety and moves about alot, like a hyperactive little boy.
He makes alot of grimaces and silly faces, he often pronounces things in a silly, childish manner and often forgets what he was trying to say and totally trails off in his speech.
I often listen to him when he's not acting, thinking, "Aha... I see... yes... WHAT??".
Also, he often seems confused about how to speak to people.
When I listen to him speak to the press, he switches from keigo (formal) to slang alot.
Sometimes I think he's going out of his way in order to be polite

Ahhhh how lovable can he get?

that's life. 

July 20 [Sun], 2008, 1:36
it struck me for a moment...
how simple gesture can make such a big impact
it's that simple, but somehow i overlooked it for a long time
how silly of me.

on another note,
my dreams are getting more interesting and fun!
mygod. i can even make a Disney movie out of it.
it's like fantasy cartoonish kind
about whales and underwater adventure <33

Sweet dreams are made of this
Who am I to disagree?
Travel the world and the seven seas
Everybody's looking for something...


July 17 [Thu], 2008, 11:33
junks and more junks!
i guess 70% of my diet consist of junk food..
but but...
this is love!

<33 best chip EVERRRR ^^v

than there's this best milk flavor everrrrrrrr~

how bout biscuit?
initially i bought this for the packaging, but the biscuit was surprisingly nice!
buttery, sweet, and amazingly cute! <3

lastly there's this cola sweet that i find very special~
its nice and chewy, with that fizzy thingy in it, and than there's even little gummy within!

guess i've posted my moo moo nails here b4,
but looks like clara took a better pic of it so i shall post again =p

so miss acrylic nails! but they are of high maintenence~
i guess if i don't go back every 2-3weeks it will start lifting and spoil my nails...
u know i'm not tht gentle *grins
shall do it only for occasions or when i feel loaded ^^
for now, i'll leave cathrine with my mani and pedi!

watched red cliff with loy at PS the other day
was ok, not terrific, dint met expectations you see....
but quite enjoyable still, sure to catch the part 2
well mainly due to eye candy Takeshi Kaneshiro
he sure made the show much more enjoyable!!

while for drama, i just finish 'love truly',
also known as 'i really really like you'
great show!
can be really funny at times,
fun to watch,
great story line
ohh and i super love the star globe thingy in the show!!
but am quite sure i wont be able to find it T_T
watched it at
super love this site now ^^

gota post another GReeeeN song before i end~
it's as good as キセキ ^^
GReeeeN - 愛唄

the different versions... 

July 08 [Tue], 2008, 21:35
just back from bishan~
watched Hancock with loy.
a pretty funny sci-fic show, unlike those action packed ones ^^
ate mos and shop ard fairprice =]
did i mention my new love for ebi rice burger? <33

the other day rowen and mg came over.
talking bout her, she's not feeling very well recently....
hope it gets better ehhs~
be it physically or mentally
well, they was here coping some psp games like katamari!
is fun k~ =DD
while i stole mg's IQ game...
can be quite tough but still intresting

let me intro another song~
yes, japan song again.
ha. i'm so not sick of them =p

and and...
i just found out.. yes i'm slow >.<
that there's gonna be an america death note movie...
hope they do a good job~
but guess i'll still like the japanese one
due to L i guess? <3

and also a korean version of HYD!! wtf?!
what's the media industry coming to~
but still anticipating it.
since korea and japan make the best dramas <33
the problem is the cast!
they better choose an actress that really makes ppl think "oh this is so makino"
and same with domyouji and rui
the rest? i dont quite care!

@ nYnY 

July 01 [Tue], 2008, 22:58
as i was saying will update regarding reality in my previous post...
well, once again i'm waiting for gosu server to open =x

recently went back to nyny once in a while
unlike when i first had their spaget~
the other day was with rowen and MG
while yesterday was with loy
heee so glad nyny open a branch in hlm!! <33

so we had a fondue~
kind of forgot to take a pic before we gobble it up =x
while this is aft we fin it and the two of them was telling stories
using the mashmallow, pathetic leafs and a bread as illustration!
i rem it was really funny how mg describe some stuff

while this is actually mg's psp decorated by rowen...
mygod. how gay can he get =.=
pink crystals?!
the fact that he even wants to bling it is GAY
and no, is not rowen who forced him. lols

this was taken yesterday,
doreen was quite satisfied with her 1st cotton candy from nyny
and she says its green apple flavour... not again?
its not even green like the one in amk la! behhs

alright below are my new found intrest~
collecting cute boxes/wrappers/bottle whatever kinda food packaging~
especially japan's one~
uber cute can! esp the pudding one <3

this animal biscuit is surprisingly nice ^^



this is yummy too =]

thats all for for now =p
*runs back to GoSuMS


July 01 [Tue], 2008, 5:47
alright i was really busy with the wrong stuff =s
did i mentioned i re watched hana yori dango?
that show is love love love!! <33
all time favorite!
and HYD final (movie) has aired in japan~~
awwww. i'm like so jealous!
but am damn excited when i read that Cathay has that in the movie lineup!!
weeeeee~~~ <3 cathay
below is the PV of Arashi's One Love, the theme for HYD final
and its a lovely song with nice lyrics =D
this video is subbed =]

next will be maplestory!!
mygod. theres like tons of private server out there, but i only know about it recently
PS is so much more fun than the boring official maple
my favourite of them all is definately GoSuMS!!
- most of the stuff are 1 mesos
- trade button has awesome stuff esp useful for restocking anywhere!
- stats points can be added very quickly unlike all other PS
- all NX items can be purchased
- ALL(even those not in salon) hair/eyes/skin/colours are free and all from the same npc!!
- Players and GMs there are love =D
-NPC's conversation makes me giggle.

awesome PS

than there's another one i enjoyed...
was fun having lots of super nice and welcoming gms~
love them man <3
players are cool too~
but sigh.
it shut down or smth~

alright back to reality~
*will update agn. gosu's up!!


June 11 [Wed], 2008, 19:25
gathering up once in a while like that is great~
all my loves.
was grandpa birthday, went to Yan Palace to eat and KTV~
but most of the time my cousin seems to be the one holding the mic.
sounds great, so it's not a torture =D



with beloved cousin, we was very laughy due to the sister counting down 123 multiple times and taking a shot after each '3' ^^

this was edited with photoshop's 'plaster' filter?
looks nice ehhs. the original and some other photos are in mixi =]

little brother.

this is one of my aunt, busy disturbing me...
leaning over while shes singly loudly, yadayada
and even kiss my brother's head repeatably and made him keep sweeping his head as if leaves had fallen on it. ha
funny scene, didn't manage to capture it though...

went MJ the other day, today too!
and shared with loyy.
but we lost like mad!
ha she must have gone mad with me too =p
played till the next morning and we had our breakfast at the market.
starting to like the porridge there~ ^^

i was like so damn polluted by their cigg smoke.
worst than pub/club kind.
seriously bad! cause i'm like the only non-smoker of the 5 of them! >.<
this is doreen fiddling with my phone while we was having breakfast...

went to watch narnia with my family quite long ago
was nice ^^
and that prince is kinda cute at some point =D
but my mum was saying it's kids show.

also watched sex in the city with pat and loy, than mok came after that.
and his itchy hand actually spilled some pepper out while we was having delifrance
so he hid it with a tissue like that.
the waiter must have thought he's mad
but he was not much better either, continuosly showing the twisting and ok sign whenever we ask for something?!
full of weird ppl nowadays.
anyway, sex in the city was quite nice and very touching at some parts.
but i kind of prefered narnia~
more to the genre i like... or was it cause i watch it with my family?

and before heading home i actually bought this bubble thingy
i used to play this alot during my pri/sec school days~
blowing super big bubbles and trying hard to ensure there's no hole...
but someone always squash it or something, ha.

and just a few days back watched KF panda with my lil bro.
was a lame show can. -.-
only some parts are really funny...
but other than than it's kind of a boring and expected show.
not much excitement etc.
but i have totally no idea why the people watching laugh so damn loudly like it was the funniest thing ever -.-
and even clapped after it end?!
isit them or me that has the incorrect sense of humor?
talking about funny shows, i've been watching Korea Secret Agency this two days.
really funny and exciting for the first half of the show!
but after that was kinda dull... thus not in my favourites
nevertheless, still worth watching
anyway if you are curious about my favorites it's here
but that's only for those i watched in CR...

while for songs.
i've been listening to
Prisoner of love by Utada Hikaru
Girigiri Hero by mihimaru GT (Shaolin girl's preview song? saw the preview before KF panda start~ and felll in love with the song. ha! love? too serious =x can't wait to watch the movie too!)
The Call by Regina Spektor (narnia's ending song)

alright then. good night folks i so want some sweet dreams!
ha miss that feeling when you wake up with super sweet feeling due to the super sweet dream you had~
reality can be really boring at times~
no nightmare please! i had one recently T_T

the week of self-proclaimed holiday 

May 25 [Sun], 2008, 20:02
wa i'm damn irritated.
fucking long entry got lost when i accidentally pressed back.

anyway, as the title suggested i skipped the whole week of school...
kill me pls. =x
and i didn't go for much tuition either >.<

anyway, mum birthday was on the 22nd
went jumbo to eat, but thier food sucks =.=
should have went no signboard to eat their cereal prawn instead!!
that is love can!

anyway, bought her a hp pouch from Raoul,
really pretty in pink!
wanted to get one for myself, but it's a tad bulky though..

but their lappy case is nice too~
will buy it if i decided to get a macbk air!!
still considering...

anyway, hanging out with the bitches as usual,
once we was waiting downstairs MG's house before heading to town?
and this 2 was cam whoring...
so i gave them a hand ;)

as u can see, this loy is busy taking photo of herself

and this is when they are still taking photo, while i took it from their back

hmmm, and on friday they came over to hang ard
was just using the com... nth much
and while they sleep i was watching The Legend till around 6am!
a really nice and interesting show!
but the ending totally sucks!
not that it's sad, i rather it is than the sucky abrupt ending!
when an ending dosent make me tear or smile, i consider it bad.

anyway let me introduce u the characters whom i'm just so bias over
of all of them, i like Sujini's character most!
she's so bubbly and sweet ^^
this is when she's young,

and this when she's older.
i can't recognize her at first that she's the same actress as the one in the same show where she appeared 2000 years ago
cause this time she look so much younger! like below 20?!

this is how she look like when i first saw her in the show...

but anyway, her smile is really sweet!!!
and i get so involve with her character in the show~
made me cry and laugh with her ^^

the 2nd one i like is the king when he's young,
not that i don't like bae young jun or whaterver it's spelled as,
but i just don't see the handsome-ness in him, other than his pretty smile
this is the little king,
he look so innocent and cute can!
love him in the show,
but he grew into...
felt a tad of sadness when this guy here came in..

and the character i really wish they changed is
she's like ugly compared to the average actress out there!
and she's one of the main character!!
i know it's not realistic to have all pretty charcters, but it's a drama what!
they should really consider the looks of the main chracters!
i rather she stay as this young little girl!

but anyway, it's a really nice show overall, enjoyed it.
and whenver i look at the preview on channel 8, i miss this show all over again.

alright. enough of this, i've got another show to recommend
it's a movie though

"Too Beautiful To Lie"
very nice show about this ex con-artist and an innocent guy
with some comedy here and there =]

alright thats about all~
my eyes need some rest................


May 14 [Wed], 2008, 20:09
seriously. who says money cant buy happiness. or love?

I was complaining previously abt not being able to get my hands on the aldo slippers,
but here it is
ha. in another color though >.<
but still, <33

also got this bag from AX,
is love can.
main reason due to it being BIG ^^
plus it has gold linings.
starting to like gold colored stuff recently...

went shopping with ro and loy at bugis,
before meeting pat and mok at town...
if i'm not wrong,
and i actually got a top from bugis street.
mygod la, $10 -.-
cute can.

later than bought 2 other tops, with each costing like more than 10 of this t-shirt?
but can't compare you see, this 2 is unique ^^
before trying on that 2 tops at home, i was cam whoring with my blue night gown =x

1st top with 3 different ways~

2nd top with 2 different ways...

lada da di dammmm~~

pedi by cathrine, which i've forgotten to post...
is actually 2 shades, seperated by a line of glitter

kind of pixel-ed here, perhaps u need to full view it...
just yesterday, went amk with lizhen and shiqi...
had some fun time doing our grocery shopping, throwing like all our lappys and bags into the trolley and fooling ard in the supermarket =x
misses them can!
and where's pauline!

these dolls are sooooo cute!






all dolly pictures from Garnet Girly
so feel like getting them!
provided they even have it in singapore >.<