2005年12月12日(月) 9時26分
physical units
V= volt
rad= radian

American units
1 mile =1,609.344m
1 pound=0.4536kg
1 gallon=3.785ℓ
1 dollar=120¥

computer units
1 byte=1bit

1bps=Bits Per Second
1FLOPS=FLoating Operations Per Second
1MIPS=Million Instructions Per Second

1Nautical Mile =1852m
a light year=63239.73km
1pc=3.26 light year

a standard meter measure

the standard kilogramme measure


2005年11月28日(月) 10時12分
The POWERED SUIT is armor whici is mechanized. If person equip it, person get mighty force , strong armor and overwhelming mobility. We can see such POWERED SUIT in a world of make-believe such as TV. For example GHOST IN THE SHELL or KAMEN RIDER G-3 etc....

But The POWERED SUIT was developed at U.S. GE in 1968.
This is the photograph.

Record that this POWERED SUIT was actually helpful is not left behind. Furthermore, this is awkward. I think that this POWERED SUIT does not collect a child's favor. However, the fact that such a thing existed in 1968 and was developed actually is epoch-making.

World robot

Mobile phone's history 

2005年11月21日(月) 9時47分
Mobile phone is spreading rapidly. our life don't think without mobile phone. Present mobile phone is very small and have many function. Therefore we oftan forget carring mobile phone.

However, Old mobile phone is not so. This is old mobile phone. It is very big and heavy. User was using this mobile phone hanging shoulder. Besides old mobile phone is very costly.

Then mobile phone evolve quickly and turn into recent mode



2005年11月14日(月) 9時51分
Recently, the problem of BSE is often taken up. It is often said that BSE is fearful illness. But we don't know BSE well. What kind of illness is BSE?

BSE is one of Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathy. Increase unusual Prion protein set up thias illness. Meat and bone meal contain unusual Prion protein. If cow consumption abundant unusual Prion protein, BSE fall ill.

If cow infect BSE, cow make abnormal act and exercise. Besides when person eat BSE meat, person infect meat with CJD which resemble BSE.

So BSE is very awful illness.

About BSE

About CJD

BSEcow's brain

Familiar Space Technology 

2005年11月07日(月) 9時50分
A lot of technology is used for space development in various places. It seems to us that those technologies have little to do with our daily life. However, in fact, much of space development technology is familiar and is often used.

For example, the pillow of a TEMPUR material is a familiar thing which has often seen in the supermarket etc. However, this was used for the seat of the spacecraft which requires a load great from the first, and mitigated an astronaut's burden.

Moreover, the can of a pattern like a diagram is in cans for drinks, such as canned coffee, canned beer, etc. which we often drink. It is application of a rocket or airplane technology also as this and a basis.

Thus, the technology studied by space development is returned to our life.


2005年10月31日(月) 9時21分
The iPod is very convenient to people who enjoy listening to music. There is many kinds of music players besides the iPod; for example, MD players, CD players and Cassette tape recoders,

But nowadays iPod is very popular. Why is iPod popular from other music players?

 iPod have huge storage capacity. Therefore iPod can play music very long time without exchangeing tape or MD. MD can record about 20 music. But 15,000 music is recordable on iPod at the maximum.

 There is an advantage, like the design is excellent in others. Therefore, iPod has obtained high evaluation all over the world.


An old tank. 

2005年10月24日(月) 9時14分
In the WWU, Zero is a very famaus fighter and had an outstanding performance. Since there was such air power, Japan was able to gain a victory in the early stages of war. In the WWU a part of aviation technology of Japan was excellent.

But tanks are not excellent. Since armoring was very thin, it was pierced easily when it is attacked. Moreover, even when Japanese tanks attacked, it was difficult to break armoring of enemy tanks, since Japanese tanks' guns were poor. Moreover, There was also a great failure in their engines. The writer Ryotaro Shiba was also sad about the low level of the performance of a Japanese tanks.

Japan has the automobile technology excellent in military or private sectors now. We can ride in the outstanding car. I think that this thing is based on great efforts of an old man.


2005年10月17日(月) 7時31分
I took the information technology examination yesterday. Since I seldom study, good results are not to be expected. In the aftenoon examination , I went out a hall . I filled out the answer sheet without using my brains.

Next year I want to pass it.

I am likely to be indebted to this textbook next year also.

Illusion diary 

2005年10月03日(月) 9時48分
Today a new school term began. I couldn't get Many units last term . Yesterday UMA It has attacked. This is the photograph .

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