What a ridiculoush

October 27 [Thu], 2011, 15:59
Instruments have to know his own gas, but also remember the many memories together with the pink, the nose is a sour, like tears in the face as the ball rolled down.

He never imagined that just three months so many things could even happen, so he got a lot of lessons, Knock Offs Louis Vuitton Handbags but also lost many, especially the loss of a love of themselves, their love of the girl's heart. His heart began to curse himself, and even an urge to kneel in front of the third brother admit. To four a look, some people see the car change of position, all he had to dig a hole in my heart buried. What a ridiculoush a!

Three months ago, he and pink filled the minds of two people living a better vision for the future, sitting in this car, ran toward a new life. At the time they are, how happy a pair ah! Hungry for new life, full of hope for the future, for their future life full of confidence. But just three months later, everything changed, once a pair of love stumbled separated. He still remembers that moment, only a few minutes, no, just a few seconds, if he catch her, all perhaps save room; wholesale chanel handbags but he did not catch. He called for his ideal dazzled selected that can change their own destiny Magnolia. People at the crossroads in life, if you choose a wrong path, we might have wasted their life.
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