know to want to target

October 26 [Wed], 2011, 1:53
This is the sky drops a sister to shock of many Lin, who know their unintentionally a save to save so big son and daughter. No wonder
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XuZhengPing refused to understand each other's identity tell yourself, only for myself the same.
QiaoYiBo, republic of the premier of the state council. In the folk, reputation as the founding period though the old prime minister, but its

often diligent mian, state of affairs to pay, but people are also approval.
"What? Don't xu did not tell you?" QiaoYuKun seeing OuYangLei reaction some big, not from a slight frown, asked the.
OuYangLei looked up at him, with a wry smile, shook his head, this just slowly sit down. QiaoYuKun frown low voice du rang way: "this is

DuoDa by xu, something, how even this also keep the."
OuYangLei wry smile to say: "this can blame him? Your father what identity o, immediate family members in the outside, one thousand a

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slouching around to do? What's the matter can not \ / let out your identity not \ / out, this also is to be all good," why do you blame him?"
QiaoYuKun natural know OuYangLei said ZaiLiEr, don't say his father's name, even if their itself work, once people know, only by how many

people do not know to want to target. But to OuYangLei to yourself a for saving, it XuZhengPing but don't need so carefully. If it weren't for

their calm say, afraid to OuYangLei misunderstood, that's their was intended and.......
After such a episode son, QiaoYuKun obviously has a lot better. The whole people all look some winds down, looking at the OuYangLei
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grateful way: "Mr Ouyang, in you here loquacious of you for all your trouble. It is to thank you, it has become to talk to the same, let you

follow upset, ha ha."
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