to escape the kind of MBT Shoes frenzy

September 04 [Tue], 2012, 13:19

Recently, due to the dining room raw material prices continue to rise, to the dining room operation bring a lot of mbt tabia pressure, some school canteen food by adjusting the number of matching and disguised inflation, caused strong dissatisfaction students. Dietary subsidies difficult to effect a permanent cure, dining room construction calls for acceleration The dining room construction lag has seriously affect the physical and mental health of students. In the central and western rural poverty area, many students are malnutrition, height and weight can not reach the school-age standard "tinies" can be found everywhere. Even in the east, the problem also nots allow to ignore. Zhejiang province CDC a took five years of students' growth and nutrition status monitoring results show that, in the investigation and monitoring of more than 190000 primary and middle school students, more than a quarter of the students' growth and nutrition status not standard, including nutrition defect rate is 15.26%, the obesity rate reaches 10.40%. The school dining room or inadequate diet nutrition guidance the present situation of the lack of closely related. In the basic unit school canteen, chef service quality is not high, and fluidity big, a general lack of nutrition knowledge, more not equipped with nutritionists, and there is no one to guide, seldom consider dietary nutrition problems. At the same time, the school nutrition improvement and eating on the scientific knowledge of briefings partial less, students lack of nutrition knowledge and common problems. In-depth research school dining room problems of jiangxi province political consultative conference (CPPCC) XuXiaoHuan that, along with the continuous deepening of the reform of education system and the school layout adjustment and the effective integration of resources, all residential school increasing, the student in the school dining, especially the number of lunch increase gradually.

According to incomplete statistics, at present middle and primary school mbt garissa students in jiangxi province were about more than 700, of which the school dining (part for lunch) to reach more than 400. With basic education resource integration step speeding up, the dining room construction lag caused by the students nutrition problems will further highlight. It is reported that in 2011, Chinese government began to carry out the nutrition improvement plan, by the state to concentrated special difficult areas 699 county rural compulsory education students, per person a day according to 3 yuan standards provide nutrition diet subsidies. The meals mode according to the existing school conditions are divided into school canteen meals, the enterprise or the unit dining room to meals, personal or family etc, in order to "three forms. For meal content can be complete lunch, can also is to provide eggs, milk, meat, vegetables, fruit adds or class recess meal. Reporter survey found in shaanxi province, the local school basic take has a dining room school by the dining room supply dinner, no dining room school by the school purchase food provide adds two forms. But both are not acceptable. Many school dining room due to financial problems, only 3 yuan within the standard supply of food, some school canteen meals every day is rice and belly, Chinese cabbage, some rural primary school only to provide students with rice noodles, noodles, vegetables clamp buns, etc., nutrition obvious shortage, by the parents' question. In the ChangWuXian 59 non boarding schools, basic all adopt "tome break" form. In the flood home mayor spirit primary school, the students every day in addition to eggs, milk, but also can eat bread, twist, scones, ham and egg and food. Some teachers think this kind of private enterprise processing outside "nutrient food" and without much nutrition. Some primary school principals reflect, to give the students to eat dinner, school will have to build a kitchen, restaurant, buy tables and chairs, such as bowl chopsticks, he will need a lot of money, and the school take no pay, only to ensure that students fully eat enough national hair of 3 yuan.

Obviously, 3 yuan meal allowance is not enough to solve students' nutrition problems, the essential mbt shuguli way is still is to strengthen the school dining room construction, let the students in safety, formal dining room to eat nutrition plenty of dinner, can guarantee its healthy growth. Top priority, it is the responsibility of the dining room construction put in place. Basic line of sight: a good school canteen how difficult is it to build it Along with the advancement of national nutrition improvement plan, the basic-level school canteen bottleneck effect is gradually revealed, and cause countries attach great importance to. In 2011, the central fiscal dial out dining room construction special funds to support the Midwest rural compulsory education BoRuoJiao dining room construction; In June this year, the ministry of education and other 15 departments jointly issued by rural compulsory education students nutrition improve the detailed rules for the implementation of the plan, and the rural compulsory education interim measures for the administration of the school dining room "and other supporting documents, has been clear about the local government for the dining room construction of responsibility, dining room construction standard, management measures, etc. And it emphatically requirements, the school dining room should be generally by the school autonomy in operation, unified management, not foreign contract. Already contracted, termination of contract, immediately recover; Under the contract, offer certain transitional period, the school take management. By the society invest in the construction and management of the school dining room, by the local government and investors agree after full consultation by the government to buy back, hand in school management. Can say, from 3 yuan meal allowance to the dining room construction, national nutrition improvement plan gradually advance, has been formed a package solution. In the national nutrition improvement plan within the framework of the dining room construction will usher in a FeiYueQi.

But worryingly, for many previous neglect of the mbt tupu construction of the school dining room at the grass-roots level, it management dining room will be unprecedented increased workload. The school to qualify as a dining room management, at present is still faced with many difficulties. Food safety responsibility pressure big, volleying seven file is still not enough sleep National nutrition improvement plan for food safety emphasized that for the dining room construction management responsibility clear, make the grass-roots school felt unprecedented pressure. Education departments at all levels and the 半月谈 reporter said, safety first, teaching second, is all implementation nutrition improvement plan school true portraiture. Shaanxi paper city bureau of education DuDaoShi school inspector LiYi said, nutrition improvement plan of the safety management in the chain quite: around eat well, eat safety, eat nutritious, food from purchasing, processing to eat, every link cannot careless. He says that, although paper city bureau of education in nutrition improvement plan implementation volleying seven files, but still felt very not enough. He said, food safety is flexible, not rigid quantitative things, hard to avoid BaiMiYiShu, especially in food easily rancidness summer, the problem will be more. "The school dining room charge every day 12 yuan, 2 yuan breakfast, lunch and dinner every 5 yuan, the standard is 3 dish one soup, a week in the menu again." Jiangxi shangrao county maple hill head high school vice President ZhangGongZhong said, run a school dining room, the most afraid of any security problems. In order to guarantee the students' meal safety, the school don't usually do cold dish; Schools to implement the dining room self management, no foreign contract; The school has set up dietary committee, each semester teacher hire WuLiuWei as dietary committee member, a term a change, their main duty is to purchase acceptance to rice and various vegetables, check the food quality, maintain dining discipline; The dining room no matter in what things will be check certificate, each food should leave sample.

"Who to cook food" become the school worry, teachers depends not a permanent solution The dining room construction make rural teacher preparation mbt kesho black shortage highlight again. The 21st century education institute issued in the central and western rural compulsory education students nutrition improvement project research report says, many schools have no kitchen staff in their preparation, have to take teachers take turns on duty, parent volunteer service or hire temporary workers, etc. This is clearly not a permanent solution. Many school canteen so shorthanded, more not cooking specialized talents. Some school canteen teacher often by teachers concurrently, or by the school faculty relatives make arrangements. Guangxi nanning LinWei mashan county town east seven primary school though enterprise state dining room, but only a worker to cook, can't meet the demand, the school the teacher had to hand in turn. Guizhou provincial director of student financial assistance to do ZhouYiJiang said, at present the dining room equipment procurement, those logistics personnel's wage, etc by the county financial burden, according to the 100 students with a cook to calculate, guizhou province 400 students will need 40000 a cook, a year to remove winter and summer vacation, it needs to spend 400 million yuan to 600 million yuan. "This input to the central and western regions, is a lot of expenses." At present, the rural school dining room on a smaller scale, catering service personnel and management personnel seriously insufficient, to meet the needs of students focus for meal. To ensure national nutrition improvement plan of the smooth implementation, the school dining room need upgrading, expand the scale, and equipped with service personnel and management personnel. To solve new and extension of the school dining room funds, as well as new dining room service personnel and management personnel's establishment, problems such as salary, there is a big difficulty. LiYi tells a reporter, paper city schools are lack of logistics management personnel.