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"Well I come into their brains within the cleanup, you will be the first bite soul bugs to destroy" all is not after all the soul bugs bite by removing the city for a while, must have some of the morally hard. "Well, no problem you have peace of mind, go, is for us to eliminate" masters of the point there, solemnly allow. Then, Jake and out again the horcrux and protect horcrux, effortless into the Chinese a god within the brain, the application of the two meter net fire easily remove lost buried inside soul insect bite. Of course, he can not use the spring water. Cure these Lord god, just out of moral, these precious spring can not use again. When will the four god the brain of the soul insect bite all clear after all, there was the masters, with all the mbt haraka world will bite of soul worm, whether living so dead, grill is full of ashes. At this time, this several of the Lord god are one of my eyes out. Because there is no spring tonic, their strength down many, souls become quite was weak. But they look Jake eyes, is filled with a thank you. "Thank you, it's so kind of you" four the Lord god happens to have the same view toward Jake they bowed. The Jake light said: "no, no need to thank me, and I delivered you just see in with everyone for human's sake. Always means less than let humans are these monsters to put out?" "Is to say so, but as we say a grateful." The name the Lord god again and bending down, but he looked up from the sky, is a pair of half vomit and a half swallowed appearance, hesitates good half-day fu to be quiet and asked, "what are we seen?" Was he so on ask, the other three of the Lord god are the numerous allow: "yeah, I always feel as if where I saw you" The Jake a smile: "that is of course, we first were together in the cemetery of outside waiting for god, and I still go to the direct throw by white came in, you will feel we also not familiar with singular." "What you are, the boy who milestones?" The four the Lord god listened to the words of the company after the great surprise In the first god besides cemetery, the Jake was white go throw in but they all see. Then the anger and inflammatory strength to this matter almost plausible that crowd and white heat and up, this thing they remember it clearly.

They just didn't think earnestly, the Jake unexpectedly still alive and living is very good Hear four resounded, Jake is did not disclose what performance, but QinFeng is some dissatisfaction: "feed, expressions, pay attention to point, what is called the boy who o milestones?" "I'm sorry I'm sorry," the four people repeatedly I'm sorry, "the first is you go throw white had come in, we all think that you die? So there are this way. Just thought you not only not dead, broke the Lord god." They are the Lord god, to the Lord your god is natural know break how difficult work. The Jake became the Lord god now, really should be an old saying goes, escape from disaster, there will be HouFu. But when they pay attention to the person next to QinFeng etc, between suddenly exclaimed: "you... you are the original batch of big complete? That became the Lord god" First QinFeng they was a are piling up in together, very clear is a, this gives the impression compare deep. Just because I have the body and the Jake reason, a time don't pay attention to, noticed that they have become QinFeng and god "Nonsense, if we don't break the Lord god,mbt haraka black and what will be entering into the layer, also to save your life?" Obviously, QinFeng to these four guys to is only found himself is the Lord god quite dissatisfaction. The Jake coughed direct say: "good, you are very weak, so ShuangXing quickly to separate now." "Forehead?" they also know that, with him now strength, even last ran down is life, it quickly evacuated, the future come again. See them after four separate, QinFeng this just concern at the the Jake: "dead wrong, soul insect bite king all run away so far, you can still make track for?" "At ease he cannot run" Jake confide gives a sneer at between the corners of the mouth. Chapter one thousand one hundred and thirty-nine of your life, and I will! The soul insect bite king, has long after the house after the shimen back! It against the shimen on, often of breathing heavily. The Jake they brought him great pressure, otherwise, he won't even the four the Lord god all leave no matter. Still, it ranks of insect son a lot of destruction, was the Jake to harm! All of all, is because the Jake! More think more indignation, more think more fear!

If the Jake chase over words, it basically is hard to resist. Maybe it's because the way don't feel shimen insurance, commencing on king played soul insect a few word banned. It is clear, the injunction is no can stop the progress of the live Jake measures, but can drag a drag a, just for him for the work of this flight is ok! Of course, embedded banned is also needs time. Luckily, Jake and not so after, let it panting after beginning not busy tone and the embedded banned. After having done all this, it immediately after toward behind the curtain of the hall ran an empty purse yesterday. Behind the curtain, has a path to other local tunnel! Just enter the tunnel, it even if peace! Want to know, so great underground labyrinth, enough is it whom excavation of the insect son. Without moderation be said, the underground labyrinth map is now in its brain. Stranger come in if not clear case, will get lost! And it was initially established in the afternoon, it is thought to the attacks of this day so much more work. So it on the way in retreat, posted a lot of banned. These banned can means less than a rushed and have inserted par, but it costs good big value to the embedded successful! Light is outer YunTie such a valuable equipment, use lost dozens of jin. If there is known mbt tataga word, o master, will cry bitterly, shout loudly decided! An artifact of a few grams in the outer YunTie, it can make artifact progress to a new level. If a few jins said... Into the behind of the underground labyrinth after, soul insect bite the king immediately banned all start, then someone through it, even the Lord god will also be blown to pieces! He can't help complacent laughed, seem to see such as the Jake people are kept lousy phenomenon. Step back and say, the Jake if really break through these difficulties, he has finally a recruit killer useless! This time, the other side. The Jake let QinFeng in side wait, I go to the chase soul insect bite is king. But he has just one move, worse QinFeng to the collective opposite! "No! You means less than a small I go! One thousand people set the trap how to do?" QinFeng roared loudly. The Jake waved at the world: "you all don't urge, it had to me a small me pursue! Take your act together, and have not convenient to will act too hastily, you also don't I wish day is a injury house back?"

"But......" So QinFeng implicitly, "who know this guy and subsequent trick? You what a small me to fear cannot advantage? So let us go with you?" There is also, o master all the numerous urged, "yeah yeah, you a small I have too risk. We all act together, or have a care. Even if have what unexpected things, or consultations with." "No! This underground labyrinth has a lot of banned, it is not for you to disorderly bump!" The Jake gently a smile, "the soul insect bite king also believe that hooks so many banned can stop me. That's really the question me!" "Banned? How do you know that he placed the banned?" QinFeng anxious asked, "is there, since know that he placed the injunction to wait for you, that you will not go to the increasingly means alone, and we must act together!" The Jake against say with smile: "have you forgotten it? Our god know than ever before are expanded many! I can now accurate feel to his position, and the way he act. Have to say, he inserted the banned for you guys a little bit with so, but for me it's a little effects are not." He is QinFeng are unhappy, he left the mbt baridi pie mouth way: "feed, dead wrong, you don't also too proud. Although you and strength than we are strong, but in practice on some strong but not much. Those banned can stop us, to you must also are inevitable effect. As I say, we still act together the analogy to good." "No!" The Jake shook his head said, "can I don't have to leave those banned, direct application five lines of dun through an empty purse was yesterday, you can do it?" "Oh? Five lines of dun art?" QinFeng a shout, he is the information to the behind. The other people also is a face of be dismayed, if the Jake play five lines of dun art of words, is really don't have to leave those who be proscribed latent channel. If they follow words together, make owe good also will drag the Jake. "Well, now that something like this, you are a small I go to." There is also a masters, the judgment of people, patted the Jake shoulder way, "be careful, is bound to come back in one piece!" The Jake made a no problem gestures say with smile: "secure it, I not only will come back safe and sound, will also be day brought back to the peace house. Of course, the soul insect bite king I would not let go!"

Say that finish, the Jake who ignores QinFeng, directly in situ dies! The world is clear, the Jake once application five line dun art to go after the soul insect bite the king! With this five lines of dun art, they could have expected to bite the king's final soul worm. Only make them the worry is that the day the soul of the house can also support long! The problem with the same in the Jake mind, previously did not immediately to go after the soul insect bite king, is also thinking about the problem. If the worm bite soul king forcing nasty, make owe it will direct the soul of the house detonated day! If so, brought back the house most days body but day be a dead house, this is not he can withstand the work. Along the way, the Jake mind unceasingly in the thinking of the problem, how useful what the house rescue day? Although it is now conducting a horcrux and protect horcrux, but if soul insect bite the king not common word, also can find no way out. Application five lines of dun technique, the Jake has been through. Underground labyrinth of banned are set up in the channel in, but he basic don't walk channel, these banned also to him has no effect. Use god for the general constantly far away soul insect bite is crazy, Jake corners of the mouth edge on suddenly a smiling face, have! Sudden between, the Jake speed pulled up, the blink away at at first. Soul insect bite king ran all the way has been looking back, though it to my inserted banned very determined, but the Jake exactly what they so many people, and still holds the hand of the Lord of the many gods force! More let him feel fear, the Jake Lord spirit force unexpectedly mbt habari faces lit, if local toward it, if it is the unbearable the unfulfilled. Fortunately, it banned very effective inserted, no little signs of Jake come over. Want to know, his first in separate cent, also left a little authority, once banned by local people, will transfer to it the master's side. The back of the banned a dynamic didn't, not the said Jake no advance? And perhaps, the Jake know that banned the fierce, basic no advance? Direct abandoned? Can't, TangTianHao from the memory that the Jake basic not so much more! How does that a little dynamic didn't? No matter, so separately the underground labyrinth, and went up to the ground again!!!!! Soul insect bite the king to accelerate speed, in accordance with the mind the memory of, sometimes in underground labyrinth of walking around.

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