Wei Wang said with a smile

July 18 [Mon], 2011, 19:10
"Things will eventually have to separate the results, I have figured out is how I think, willing to stay, do not agree to
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leave." Wei Wang said with a smile: "You love to my liking, men and women Huan love, not to happy? "
"Wang and strong support." Chen Lin clapped his hands in the back seat shouted: "Wang and Fan team is smarter than more, more

candid, bold vision and courage!"
"The Fat Man, your kid can get, beware." King much to remind him: "Do not look at you when his brother, be careful you had

carefully selected the MM also come to their senses, throwing the bums out of."
"You do not talk nonsense, and can not lure people Chen Lin!" Fan Gang throw cigarette butts out the window: "Do you now, but

Wei Xiaobao, fell into the pile of powder is not satisfied?"
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"I know the team Fan Chen Lin is our baby, but also excellent in fat headed." Wei Wang smiled and said: "I can not try to

steal his brother's Xiaomi."
Chen Lin Fei blushing no longer speak. This is much the second time the king used the word "Xiao Mi," the ambiguous term,

which is much the first time the king used the word "Baby", "within the body" like the title, is the first unmistakable king

greatly Fan steel will be together with her. She does not know that he met today Zhao Hong, Fan Gang did not know his wife

tried to seduce his buddies, but do not know much in and Zhao Hong, Wang broke up after making a decision.
"Dogs bark, complete nonsense!" Fan Gang growled to tell: "I and the others between Chen Lin has been unblemished, no

"I do not think so, do not think so sister Ting, Chen Lin also do not think so, Criminal Investigation Unit of the people are

all well aware, even beautiful people have to say that our ice team Fan peach blossom it go." Wang Dawei asked with Chen Lin:

"You think so?"
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Chen Lin nice round face on the glowing blush, but still clearly white nodded.
"You busy all day in pitch darkness, and all the rest are all a big girl for you to help others." Wei Wang went on: "tea

delivery of water, receiving friends, laundry washing is to buy something, living arrangements, people However, Criminal

Investigation Unit of the back office, you do to others as a housekeeper? "
"This is not always busy, no time to go home?" Fan Gang muttered: "Chen Lin had had trouble."
"They help you what a big girl? Is put-ting a lot of sister'll wash the clothes but also conditions it." Wei Wang inquiring:

"Chen Lin has never been a complaint may be, you know why?"
"Wang and, do not do anything on the Fan team. Ting sister would have said, you know my thoughts will help me Chutoulumian

of." Chen Lin haltingly said: "I say that is willing to do."
"Speaking of you, I'm trying to find an opportunity to talk to you yet." Wei Wang turned away: "You know men love to talk

about a face, is guaranteeing that families do not want people to know that he's embarrassed you Zhao Hong, should not obey

the requirements of the fat in your smoke there, but if the distribution of cigarettes being to grasp the right. "
"But." Blinked in Chen Lin said: "That is not to allow control of tobacco consumption Fan teams it?"
"You think?" Wang Dawei asked: "a dignified criminal investigation detachment numerous times a day to run your office, you

find Nayan pumping, you said he was willing to do?"
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