Arrived in heaven to come across

July 18 [Mon], 2011, 18:46
"Bai, are how to prepare it?" Arrived in heaven to come across the Taibai.

"Oh, you came, I was ready to find you!"
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"Heaven What can I do it?"

"Well, Heaven, and how Chi are to discuss the deployment, you want to talk about!"

"Chi? How Chi in here? He is not?"

"Oh ~ ~ world of people thought he was dead, in fact, he was just seal it, has now been released from the Emperor!"

"Oh, this is the original! Buddhist community What trends do?"

"We go advanced! Buddha for a while to!"
Once upon a time Once upon a time that is surrounded by aura full of treasure off to the beads are air with one of the

bustling scene, watching the front of a hall, above the words on the plaque, inside the celestial temple.

Bai went into the house and inside the celestial, is also surrounded with some of the fairy, but not a lot, and sitting

in front of that needless to say, it must be the Emperor of Heaven.
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"Nice to meet you, to the identity of the inside the celestial temple, you the first one!" Heaven said, smiling.

"Oh ~ ~ this should be a surprise!" This really was an accident, if not related to the safety of the earth, I is not the

case here.

"I know who is next to it?" Heaven pointed to a man next to him.

I have personally seen unto them, she is really tall enough, whole body muscle deep-rooted, as if to show the world his

infinite power, but now how to look like he seems very unhappy, muttering lips.

"Chi?" I think I just like to say Bai and Emperor sorted together and only him.

"Well yes!"

"You are the human world Fei, that people find ways to deal with magic?" Chi put the big eyes staring at me, I seem to

see through such a thin body Why deal with the demons.

"Oh - that is me!"

"Buddha to the West ~ ~!" A cry out of the guard informed.

"Oh! - Heaven, I am sorry I arrived late!"

"Too late, just be it! Just the human community Fei has come, and we discuss together how to do the following to change


I looked in front of Buddha, most of the above are related to television is almost, but not the Buddha actually face

solemn, but the air of a little rogue, I do not understand, Is the Buddha is like this it?

The Buddha also has been coming at me from the heart: this person is really unpredictable repair, I actually see through

him in the end how much the repair, do the cultivation of his higher than I do? But is this possible? Do me a few years of

cultivation Is not he a few years of high repair it?

I do not know what the Buddha looked at me and thinking, to see if he looked at me, I smiled slightly to look at him, be

met, do not say I'm crazy, 16 degrees in the third space, I Elders are like this, of course, is the same for them, so I can

only say that this is just my personality.

"Fei, you deal with the devil, have thought about how to cope with it?" Heaven does not start with their own methods, but

would like to listen to my advice.

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"Well - also thought, when I think of the United Buddhas community, and to deal with the demons demon world, now that we

are together, and I also just can use this idea!"

"Tell me, too!"

"First I have to do one thing with you say something, to deal jointly with you I do not have the magic this world with

people who said that the existence of people who know you, it was only when I had to find touch Taibai to the two girls only,

because your presence, after all, is to keep the outside world to know, I did not tell those who are thinking you are ready

with the Sin, the Buddha, the identity of the joint enemy magic, or changes in adult look and the human world together to

deal with demons. "Having three is not a person to whom I am the guy (they are not people already have) looked at.
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