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March 06 [Sun], 2011, 14:04
Festival once square

Full meet National Day, woods hongye dance autumn wind, The whole nation is gladder qi, and the home-sheng everything. Today, we are celebrating the motherland 61 a birthday, the whole nation is immersed in a festival joy.

Morning just get up, she heard out loud cheers to break out. I can bear temperament, eating breakfast to one run once square. Just to square, I was shocked, the scene is spectacular! Over the square waving four aglow with big balloon, top stick "to celebrate National Day" several eye-catching characters. The square was a sea of people and pedestrians. Shouting, whistle, became a gay footsteps played symphony.

Walk eastward, sundry goods is dazzling, some businessmen in selling his goods is how strong and durable; Some customers in as one yuan, two horns haggling; five points. Some in the shopping, fully meet the thing that oneself like just fondle admiringly...

A look south, where children's world, children unbridled ground running, suing, and shouted for the arrival of the National Day, add a lot of fun. A group of teenagers are happy to put a variety of firecrackers, a small goldfish, changhe, sparks produced crackling sound, seems to celebrate birthday.

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In the west of the walking toward the fragrance pubi, regular meeting makes your mouth water. Because there are outside the stinky tofu, smelly inside perfume ha
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The head looked north, wow! There is a big stage. The actors are graceful, some in xinjiang characteristic show top bowl dance, beautiful dances commendably letting a person, Some in the magic to get people to truly feel wonderful magic world, Some in his speech, impa href="">discount herve leger asymmetricalassioned speech to CiRang present all the audience were deeply touched, Some was singing "love me Chinese", beautiful moving melody expressed 56 ethnic groups "love my Chinese" cordial feelings...

Square completely immersed in a festival atmosphere, become a joy of Marine...
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