I actually do not want to wet your seat

May 25 [Wed], 2011, 13:32
An atmosphere of stalemate in the heavy rain began to expand even bear to watch the open desert are intended to smooth things over so much your soul mate out of the rain on the last car of the president and his right not to cold for you. Discount Diesel Jeans (woman) Sale

Desert Shut up! Qin Luo soon interrupted by the other words out loud was about to break out of the arrogance of the control channel even if she does not want the car did not need to beg her!

Although the last sentence of the desert completely but did not say one quarter of Sasa can understand the meaning of the iceberg, if not that they are certainly under the command does not appear in her eyes only

Quarter of silence even more irritation Sasa Qin Luo He did not want to give her any chance to her side of the bag and handed the bag take it to your desert we go!

I actually do not want to wet your seat. This is the season Sasa murmured said she did not want another reason why the car will be holding the bag, then turned and finished. Discount G-star jeans (man)

With the rise in the window of her reply floated softly in the ears of Qin Luo Although the volume is very small but almost enough to keep up the rain together so that he heard it clearly.

So did a few seconds after starting the car again soon pressing the brake to stop the sound startled the quarter Sasa thought it was what had happened she was busy twisting back Kangezixi though she hated him, but he does not want to see What things.

But she is worried about did not happen but the season opened the door Sasa saw the man holding the umbrella to go off walking towards her she would like to see each Discount G-star jeans (woman) other on the cheek would like to know who refused to move the eye sight, but also increasingly blurred until the emergence of the black mask.

And she knew that she fell down in a strange but warm embrace with a trace of it is illusion? At this point, she could no longer find the answer because she had lost consciousness.

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