Mahone! This is your Why

April 18 [Mon], 2011, 1:17
Hu Ziyu Although the semi-conscious state, heard Youzi stubbornly shook his head to show her husband promised not to say mad, mad husband Xinrudaoge Xu, tearfully said: "Mahone, this time I do not listen to you of the. "
Sadly dumb channel: "antidote to his breast pocket, the red pellet with butter wrap ... ..."

Imitation G-star Jeans (man)

Imitation G-star Jeans (woman)
Were abandoned immediately remove any hand, a lot of kits, one will be mad husband said Xu packet open, a look correct, split In, sniffing for a long time before: "The drain was wrong! Xu crazy husband, you still a friends, see your sake, I spare him, he wanted to come by this lesson enough of it! "

Imitation Seven Jeans (man)

Imitation Seven Jeans (woman)
Said the wrong solution for Hu Ziyu bone of the law, Hu Ziyu break was a long while, before slowly opened his eyes, weakly authentic: "Xiandi! Life is just dead, how can you be so negative."
Xu helped him go mad husband bent over, tears and said: "Mahone! This is your Why bother, there is no vendetta with you little girl!"

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Imitation Robin Jeans (woman)
Five beard suddenly force said: "She is Weiming Yuan's love, respect her suffer!"
Were abandoned either snapped: "She is my sister ... ..."
Hu Ziyu also bad channel: "That she damn!"
Du Suqiong anger "choke Lang" and pull out the sword and said: "I have not seen you in this life and so wicked person, leaving you not ... ..."

Imitation Robin Jeans (man)

Imitation True Jeans (woman)
Silver flash, went straight to his solar plexus, Xu Fu Yu Jiu less than mad, he was turning a blind eye were abandoned, Hu Ziyu turn a blind eye to death, did not care.
Touch the tip on the occasion of the skin, a little black light fly into the window, just hit him in the sword, power odd big sword sell, and that turned into a black light hoop onto the ground!

Imitation True Jeans (man)

Imitation Jeans Outlet (man)
Ju was floated a figure, Fengshen Yuli.
Du Suqiong breath can not help blurting out loudly: "Shige ... ... you! You really can not die!"
Weiming Yuan will be the body standing, barely suppress his excitement position: "The girl Joan! I did not die, and is only saved by my ... ...", see Weiming Yuan Ren were suddenly abandoned, I do not know what taste in mind.
Stay a moment, before one stepped forward to hand over said: "Weixiong! Brother were abandoned either!"

Imitation Jeans Outlet (woman)

Imitation Jeans Outlet (man)
Weiming Yuan heard this also from the absence of surprise, Bao Quan said: "I have heard of any brother earlier name, any brother did many things for the little brother, little brother grateful exception, for a long time to come to think of a visit, because the ... ..."
If the bottom is hard to say, so he had to play bit, slipped side Xianger vision who can not help but stared, mouth open ... ...
With a total of abandoning any trace of wroth and said: "It was my sister, Museveni should know!"
Weiming Yuan scared and said: "is your sister? Any brother is his brother away ... ..."
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