i made it :D 

2009年06月13日(土) 2時37分
hello :>

i made it! i've got my abitur!
okay i have to say that my marks really could be better, but now i can go to university and study and therefor i don't need such a good NC.
so i'm really happy!

on tuesday i celebrated it with all of my friends, i was really fun.
good music, good drinks and just hanging out.

and tommorrow i'll be in düsseldorf because of the japan day.
it's always on one saturday in june.
and i'll finally see some of my friends again, who i weren't able to meet for several months.
so another happy thing

next time i might upload some pictures of the japan day. but i'm not really sure when it is because of my laziness

finally some freetime 

2009年05月26日(火) 22時57分
what's up??

today i had my last exam of my A-levels.
finally i made it, i hope that i've got good marks...
but i'm optemistic

also i finally decided what i'm going to study.
it's sciences of asia, with economic as minor subject.
languages will be japanese, maybe korean and later maybe german as foreign language. this won't be too difficult because german is my mother language
i will study with my good friend soo young, it will be chaos, crazy and a lot of fun!

now that i'm ready with school i'll meet my friends more often, for parties, shooping, going to the cinema or just drinking something.

i hope it won't take so much time again to write here something, but i don't know.
in this case i'm kinda lazy.

news news news (:3) 

2009年03月06日(金) 14時40分
again it's a long time ago, since i wrote something here.
somebody should really kick my ass
but i have a lot of things to plan & learn.
i'm going to make my university-entrance diploma next month, and it's kinda difficult. english priority course is more simple than history.. about 250 years of german and european history. german is also simplier than i thought but we will see. but math.. it's not my subject (i would had better choose physics), but i have to go through it. i'll handle it
and then i'm planning to travel to great britain in summer for 3 weeks, with two friends.
we'll staying most of the time in scotland, and just one day in wales -> cardiff, because of the stonehedge (*__*) and 4 days in london.
i finally can go shopping in camden again
best shopping place and i'll be there to the premiere of the next harry potter movie, it will be very exciting
and directly afterwards is the amphi festival (a gothic, electro, industrial, dark-wave event in cologne).
besides i finally decides what i want to study!
history of art and english or japanese.

it might be taking a time till i'm writing here again, and so.. see you!


2008年12月22日(月) 16時53分

honestly i'm such a lazy person.
i supposed to myself to write here more often, but what did i do? nothing.
okay, sometimes i don't have sth to say.

now we have x-mas holidays and so i spent a lot of time with my friends!
aside from Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day, these days belong to my family.

so, i wish you all a merry christmas and a happy new year ( in the case that i'm not able to get in the internet before)


short information about the last months =') 

2008年10月07日(火) 2時45分
hey guys.

ich finally remembered my yaplog password so i'm able to write here again!

sadly, there's not much to say )x
i spent 8 days in france (côte d'azur) this summer, with 4 of my friends from school. it was really cool, we were camping
and i visited london for a few days also with my best friend. i'm honestly in love with this city!
and two weeks ago, i was in rome with my school at graduation trip (history and chemistry priority course)
it was really interesting + exciting to see how the old romans lived and what buildings they build!

so.. i think i write end of the the next time in the journal.
see ya!

weekend (*゜▽゜ノノ'' 

2007年08月27日(月) 17時14分
hey there ^_^
me and my friends were in cologne on saturday.. really funny *YEAH*
we made so much crazy things ;O

this are soo young (left) and kerstin (right), i took the picture ;)
crazy ne ^^;

okay. no i'm quit tired, because school was some kinda hard today. ><
sport... i love sport but not football with guys.

baibai~ ♥
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