Sick days

April 29 [Fri], 2005, 1:59
I've been very sick with bad tonsil, I can't sleep because I
cough too much, I can't barely breath when I'm coughing.
I wake up very early because I cough again. I take some
medicines however it is just a temporary thing, I get an
alert for taking another tablet....
As some of my friends already said that I should go see
a doctor. This is going to be a first time for me in France,
will see how it goes. I remember my Japanese friend once
asked me why is there a lot of drug stores in France ?
Good question, I don't know why but it is like Starbucks
in the US, you see them every 10min.

Do french people love taking medicines ?

New friends

April 28 [Thu], 2005, 7:52
People say making good friends after college gets difficult.
You don't spend much time with your friends, when you are
out of school. By the age of early 20's you already have
your friends whom you met in high school or college.

I moved to France in 2002, I met a lot of people over
2 years. Some of them are in Paris and a lot of them are
in Nice. I have a few friends I can call '' close friends ''
these friends, I see very often and catch up on day to
day topics.

Tonight, I was going out with my friends for drinks for
belated birthday thing... But my friend said to stop over
her place first to meet up with others. We started from
aperitif, birthday gift, then a delicious cake !! Also a very
beautiful bouquet was sent over from another friend who
already went back to Japan. Then my favorite couple
who moved to China were part of this too.
I was with deep emotion. I succeeded making good friends.

My dad always says to me since when I was little,
'' be nice to your friends and respect them ''

London journey

April 26 [Tue], 2005, 5:47
I went to London for a week, I never really enjoyed London before but this time it was different. I had very relaxed
morning, took a long walk around the city, went to national
gallery, exposition of matisse, musical, dining and shopping. Everything was nice, never rained while I was there which
is amazing !! Then my favorite Starbucks was everywhere,
Yoko and I had to take a break at starbucks whenever we
passed by. Well, I did enjoy London this time, I want to
thank to my friend Yoko and her husband Mike for letting
me stay at their gorgeous house and taking care of me.
Now I must admit that I like London ! Ta mates !!

Billy Elliot

April 23 [Sat], 2005, 5:39
I went to see the musical Billy Elliot, it was fantastic, great
music, funny, moving and the ballet dancing was pure
magic. I was so attached by the performance - a lot of
the audience were in tears throughout. I think that the
political aspects were well portrayed, and the role of Billy
was amazing. Even if you have never seen a musical
before, you will enjoy. This show is a must see !!

Ex file

April 20 [Wed], 2005, 21:16
People say that you'll have three real love in your life.
He was one of them, he sent me a birthday greeting on
my birthday, his message was very sweet but I've done
same mistake over years, this time I replied him back
saying simply thank you, no emotional feeling left.
I got fed up waiting and expecting something from him.
IF anything he said was meant to be true, he would
have came to see me.

I thought we can be anything but honest with each others.
I don't want to hold on to the past even if there is still
something between us. 10 years made our life apart,
we both must know that we want different things in
our life.......C'est la vie

Happy birthday to me

April 19 [Tue], 2005, 17:33
I've decided to celebrate my birthday in London with my
favorite friends. I like having international birthday parties,
taken in different venues, and it's never be the same again.
I made a birthday wish that my next birthday party will be
held in Barcelona.

Yes, Yes, Yes, it is my birthday and i'm officialy old...
Good bye to old me, and say hello to new me.

My resolution is to be creative in various ways.


April 11 [Mon], 2005, 12:54

Special thanks to RYO-san.
All I need to is to update !