I love Shopping

June 28 [Tue], 2005, 6:58
2nd day in Florence, at 9am it was already very hot. We
had a quick breakfast at the hotel and headed out for
outlet, being real tourist here. Yes I love shopping
I didn't buy anything in Florence as I wanted to buy
something from outlet at reasonable price. Outlet
locates outside of Florence, we relied on useless city
map trying to follow the sign to outlet. They said it is
30min from Florence, after getting off from highway, we
found signs to outlet. We fellow the signs but we never
found it. We had to ask someone around, then Italian guy
said " go straight "oh la la, again just go straight ? We kept driving straight, then found a huge modern building, we
thought it was some kind of factory, but it was outlet of
D&G. We expected to meet a bunch of Japanese but there
was nobody, more like VIP invitation shopping. I bought a
T-shirt for myself and tank-top, then we headed out to
Gucci, I love Gucci shoes. I was trying on 4 pairs of shoes
and got 3 of them. They were very cheap, I would pay for
1 pair in Japan but I got 3 pairs in Outlet which makes me
wining something. Then next target was Prada, again no
Prada, asked for direction, whoever see us, they said to us
Prada ? I bet so many Japanese are asking outlet Prada,
Gucci direction to local people, it was funny. They think
Japanese = Prada & Gucci I love Prada shoes too,
they are very comfortable to wear, I could only found one
pair however I'm already happy with 4 pairs of my shoes