Power Yoga and Power Me

June 04 [Sat], 2005, 14:24
Understanding yoga as a means for "bringing together"
apparently diverse elements and separate entities, is a
comfortable interpretation for most people and a graceful
allusion to the omnipresent movement implicit in all aspects of yoga, whether the physical, mental, or spiritual

I found an interesting post on Riviera Network, taught
Yoga at the beach in English, I was looking for English
lessons in the town, and there she was. I have tried yoga
for a few times before, I thought I like it but never went
back again. I wanted to start something, so yoga was
perfect for me and this time I began to enjoy yoga more
even my body was not flexible. After 1 hour lesson, we
went to have coffee on the beach with mixed pepole. We
started from introductions to French law, none of them
were French so we had so many things in common. Then
I headed to the beach again for a couple of hours to read
my new book, now I read a lot because I love reading at
the beach.

I thought I would be tired after yoga coz it was more
athletic than expected and doing under the heat but it
was opposite, I feel very recharged. Still had energy to
go out have drinks with friends at night. Power yoga
gave me power Night out in the old town, there were
people and people. Vacation has started already, you hear all the different languages on the street, majority is English from U.K, they are coming here for the sun !