Monaco Parking

June 23 [Thu], 2005, 19:56
Today was my work day in Monaco, from my experience on
Tuesday, it's better to drive down to Monaco. I drove to
Monaco with BGM of Gipsy Kings, a very sunny day with the
full view of ocean. When I arrived in Monaco, there was no
street parking at all, I drove around more than 20min,
NADA So I decided to park in public parking place
where they charge for 2 euros per hour, hoping to find
street parking during lunch time. My boss took me to an
Italian restaurant by port where are all the luxury yachts
parked, where are the owners We had talk about our
business and life style in Monaco, I asked my boss it there
is a house exist in Monaco, she said there are 5 villas in
Monaco, rough estimation is about 15 to 20 Million Euros.
Such a small country as Monaco, most apartments have
more than 50 units. If you want to buy a decent one
bedroom apartment in Monte-Carlo, starting price will be a
half million, it's about the price in Manhattan. But again, if
you are resident in Monaco, you will not be paying income
tax, even it is expensive people prefer to live in Monaco.
Talking of a very small studio 20sq to rent, it is about 1,000 euros, this is more than you pay in central Tokyo. My boss
said that Monaco is a great place to raise kids as it is very
secured, but one the other hand, if you stay in Monaco
all the time, it is too small and everybody knows everybody, people have a lot of money and time, they will be spending
their time gossiping about others...


June 20 [Mon], 2005, 6:24
フランス人は犬好きって一般的に言われてます。 フランスではカフェや、
電車、バスの中まで犬OKなんです。 ビーチにもたくさんの犬が飼い主と
一緒に来ている光景はよく見かけられる。 でも犬好きのフランス人は
歩いている人は見たことがない = 糞は置き去り

番組がやっていてすっかり見入ってしまった。 フランス人の旦那さんは
動物好きで自らペットショップを経営、奥様は専業主婦。 奥さんの不満とは
その一言に奥さんはキ レ タ ここから喧嘩が始まりました。

一緒。 2匹は小さいのですが1匹はシェパードなので狭い寝室にいるのが
窮屈そう。 奥さんは 『今夜はゆっくり寝たいのよ、でも犬が。。。。。。。』
シェパードの元に行きましたよ。 可愛そうな犬2匹の子犬たちと

Give & Take

June 13 [Mon], 2005, 5:33
I had lunch with my graceful friend at Indian restaurant,
she picked up the place and we were there at noon. I
ordered lunch menu, there was entree, nan, rice and
curry, one drink, and dessert. My stomach got a fright
having a lot of food coming in. I usually don't eat much
when I'm home. Anyway, having curry lunch, we got into
an interesting conversation of Give & Take.

There are two types of women:

#1 Giver: they want to give everything, they become like
mother, willing to do anything to prove your love.

#2 Taker: they want to take everything, they expect to
have anything they want, if you love me, prove by giving.

I know a couple of friends who are REAL givers, it is to me
that why you are spending so much time and money to
your partner, can't you be like equal with him ? Why are
you offering expensive gifts even he doesn't spend
much money on you ? Do you think you can keep him if
you stop spending your time and money ? Sometime givers
start giving things before they even go out, most of the
cases guys back out

I also have friends who are REAL takers, I mean they USE
men for anything. Have them buy things, dining out, even
making them pay for vacation. They are not in love with
anybody but money, these women will never dates guys
who make less than 300K I found out that only one
thing they can spend money was their high maintenance,
keep look young and beautiful are the method of keep rich
guys around. Hummmm....

Ordinary life

June 10 [Fri], 2005, 17:37
Such a beautiful day, my friend came by and we went to
have lunch at one of my favorite restaurant. We had a
huge plate of salad and white wine, enjoying our lunch.
My friend is very easy to talk and she is very smart, so we
started from our update to "ordinary life " Can you have
lunch with white wine, going to cafe and then to beach on
week days ? It isn't ordinary life - normally people work on
week days, they can have lunch with their friends but not
going to beach after. What is the ordinary life ? How do you identify it is ordinary ? People have their routines and so
on...... Some people prefer to have ordinary lives, in my
opinion, these people are scared of changing their minds or life style. They are content where they are and never look
up. On the other hand, they never have bad experiences
because they never had extra ordinary life. My life is extra
ordinary, I've always wanted to move around, doing
something different. I made my choices, I think choice is
the biggest contributor to our life because we all make the
decisions and keep the thoughts we live by. Also choice is
what separates and defines our individual path more
dramatically than anything else. My choices made my life
extra ordinary.I realize that I need to learn from setbacks
and experiences and then use this new information as
ammunition to win next time.

What a beautiful life it is


May 27 [Fri], 2005, 17:32
Having coffee with my friend in the afternoon, we came up
to talk about communication. I often hear people saying
" lack of communication" Some people say it's because
they don't want to agree with each other ormaybe they
really didn't meet the point. Some people have no
communication skills at all, and maybe they are not aware
of it.

What does communication mean ?
The exchange or interchange of ideas or objects between
two people or designated locations. More precisely the
definition of communication is the consideration and action
of impelling an impulse or particle from source point across
a distance to receipt point, with the intention of bringing
into being at the receipt point a duplication and
understanding of that which emanated from the source
point. The formula of communication is: cause, distance,
effect, with intention, attention and duplication and
understanding. Communication by definition does not
need to be two-way. Communication is one of the
component parts of understanding.

I love communicating with different people, I get to know
so many interesting things from others.
Controlling 3 languages are method of accessing in
worldwide communication now.