Monaco Parking

June 23 [Thu], 2005, 19:56
Today was my work day in Monaco, from my experience on
Tuesday, it's better to drive down to Monaco. I drove to
Monaco with BGM of Gipsy Kings, a very sunny day with the
full view of ocean. When I arrived in Monaco, there was no
street parking at all, I drove around more than 20min,
NADA So I decided to park in public parking place
where they charge for 2 euros per hour, hoping to find
street parking during lunch time. My boss took me to an
Italian restaurant by port where are all the luxury yachts
parked, where are the owners We had talk about our
business and life style in Monaco, I asked my boss it there
is a house exist in Monaco, she said there are 5 villas in
Monaco, rough estimation is about 15 to 20 Million Euros.
Such a small country as Monaco, most apartments have
more than 50 units. If you want to buy a decent one
bedroom apartment in Monte-Carlo, starting price will be a
half million, it's about the price in Manhattan. But again, if
you are resident in Monaco, you will not be paying income
tax, even it is expensive people prefer to live in Monaco.
Talking of a very small studio 20sq to rent, it is about 1,000 euros, this is more than you pay in central Tokyo. My boss
said that Monaco is a great place to raise kids as it is very
secured, but one the other hand, if you stay in Monaco
all the time, it is too small and everybody knows everybody, people have a lot of money and time, they will be spending
their time gossiping about others...

After having champagne and yummy food, we went back to
my car, and there it was a parking lady just passed by
and gave me a fine of 22 euros. Oh well, maybe it was my
payoff from last time, and I was a bit of careless, I thought
they won't be around till 3pm, but it was already past...
Then again, we headed back to office, there was a street
parking in front, I parked there leaving 2 euros ticket, and
never got another ticket till 8pm. I have to get to used to
Monaco police officer.
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