Give & Take

June 13 [Mon], 2005, 5:33
I had lunch with my graceful friend at Indian restaurant,
she picked up the place and we were there at noon. I
ordered lunch menu, there was entree, nan, rice and
curry, one drink, and dessert. My stomach got a fright
having a lot of food coming in. I usually don't eat much
when I'm home. Anyway, having curry lunch, we got into
an interesting conversation of Give & Take.

There are two types of women:

#1 Giver: they want to give everything, they become like
mother, willing to do anything to prove your love.

#2 Taker: they want to take everything, they expect to
have anything they want, if you love me, prove by giving.

I know a couple of friends who are REAL givers, it is to me
that why you are spending so much time and money to
your partner, can't you be like equal with him ? Why are
you offering expensive gifts even he doesn't spend
much money on you ? Do you think you can keep him if
you stop spending your time and money ? Sometime givers
start giving things before they even go out, most of the
cases guys back out

I also have friends who are REAL takers, I mean they USE
men for anything. Have them buy things, dining out, even
making them pay for vacation. They are not in love with
anybody but money, these women will never dates guys
who make less than 300K I found out that only one
thing they can spend money was their high maintenance,
keep look young and beautiful are the method of keep rich
guys around. Hummmm....

I've been once offered some stock shares from my former
boyfriend, after we broke up, I gave up all. These shares
belong to him, not to me because I didn't want to have
any debts. So I defined by myself, I can be taker but most
of the time I am giver Not spending money on him but
I am willing to do something he deserves, and by doing
something makes him happy, why not to give ?
Try to have a very warm heart
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